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#325286 Does Cs-Cart Operate On A Litespeed Server Without Problems

Posted by mumbomedia on 04 March 2020 - 02:02 PM

We're about to move to Litespeed with CentOS 8, PHP 7.3 and MariaDB.
All tests where fine. No noticable improvements though. Would be cool if an Litespeed addon was built for CS. Cart

#325005 Cs Cart Customer Service

Posted by mumbomedia on 25 February 2020 - 12:17 PM

As a CS Cart customer for about 3-4 years now i have to say that even though the support is not free, it's certainly not horrible.

Why do people find it weird they have to pay for a service?
If i bring my car to the garage i have to pay. If my customers want service from me, they have to pay.


Opencart is a free system and they don't support the software except for paid modules and/or bugs, same goes for WooCommerce. 
If you want to get support for Magento, better sell your car ;) since Magento starts at about 2000 dollar a month.


I also never experienced the engineers 'Rude'... just strict.
They certainly don't have any time for humor ;-) But then again... why would they? They did solve lots of issues caused by myself, they had to spend time on and only charged like 10/20 dollar worth in credits. That's not expensive at all. 

There is one CS Cart thing that annoys me though and that is how they sometimes seem to ignore the community/customers. 
The light checkout is a prime example. For most customers it just doesn't work correctly and the first months they kept ignoring us and there are some basic features that should be part of CS Cart which is only possible with a third party addon.

But support is a thing i've never experienced and they never charged me credits without a solution.

#324776 Break Or Margin After The Short Description

Posted by mumbomedia on 18 February 2020 - 02:37 PM

eCom, Thanks! You're a star

#324329 Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.11.3 Released

Posted by mumbomedia on 04 February 2020 - 04:04 PM

I was hoping for some logic change in checkout, apparently this not going to happen any time soon.


Why would checkout have default address set? If default address is empty I get first option as Afghanistan :DDD also this ugly grey square box and red text no shipping options.. This is simply unacceptable..


I and many more here agree. Is CS Cart working on a improved checkout? The default-address makes no sense. We get tons of orders where people fill in the wrong addresses. Not intuitive at all.

#322403 Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor 4.11.1 Released

Posted by mumbomedia on 03 December 2019 - 07:38 PM

Just updated Cs.Cart to the latest version, the first thing i've noticed:



What is this? The dropdown system was a perfectly functioning system. No one needs mode "design" on the backend. There is not even a Store Overview to turn on/off stores. 
I don't get these sorts of things.

#318433 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.3 With Billing Address, Apple Pay, Googl...

Posted by mumbomedia on 02 August 2019 - 07:35 AM

We may alter that behavior, but first, could you tell me what shipping methods you have in your store? Are they real-time or manual? Do you have flat rates for shipping products anywhere in a certain country?

We use Myparcel/PostNL. (Simtech is developing an addon for that, Myparcel supplied me a beta)
We ship worldwide, but price is always calculated in weight range and country.

0-23 kg is range 1. You wont pay extra up to 23 kg. If we have w customer that Goes above 23, he already reached the ammount for free shipping. So most cases this won’t be used at all.

After that we have fixed prices per country. -> https://static1.squa...t EU 1 en 2.pdf

City or Postal code don’t matter. There is just 1 price per country.

This is basicly it for all shipping methods from the Netherlands. I think Germany works like this aswell. No matter where you are in Russia, there is just one price.

#317375 Meet Cs-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.10.1 With New Checkout And Product Variations

Posted by mumbomedia on 03 July 2019 - 02:55 PM

Well, my customers are all EU based and ship worldwide. B2B and B2C will always get an invoice with all details incl. VAT. If someone doesn’t provide a VAT number in the optional field there won’t be a VAT number on the invoice. VAT will still be there. Lot’s of Dutch shops work like this. No matter what, i always receive a VAT invoice. Easiest way and presents solving a in my opinion non-existing problem.

#315624 Issue With Php 7.3

Posted by mumbomedia on 22 May 2019 - 08:15 AM

It's not smart to run PHP 7.3 since it's officially not supported!

#307436 Request For More Dutch Payment Providers

Posted by mumbomedia on 11 October 2018 - 07:46 AM

Would be great to integrate the following providers:

Pay.nl  -> https://www.pay.nl/docs/developers.php
Mollie.nl -> https://docs.mollie..../authentication

Both of them provide better and cheaper service then the already built in Buckaroo option

#307354 Print Company Data To Page

Posted by mumbomedia on 09 October 2018 - 01:20 PM

Incredible! Thanks guys! :)

#301046 Gdpr Compliance In Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

Posted by mumbomedia on 03 May 2018 - 09:09 AM

The add-on will provide the tool: 1. Ask for consent

That's great, but it only affects to customers who register a new account. Customers who already have an account, must also agree with the terms.
I have to write to all customers and ask them to agree to the new privacy policy, set a deadline and who has not consented at this time delete the data. The add-on does not offer a solution for this yet.

This is something i've actually mentioned to them. Maybe Ilya can clarify this.
Either way, i think you have to send your customers a mail anyhow. You have to get concent from them to send that mail after 24th of may though ;)
The GDPR also applies to invoicing/accountancy software you might be using, external accountants handling their information, etc.

#300760 Gdpr Compliance In Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

Posted by mumbomedia on 25 April 2018 - 08:17 AM

We are not located in the EU and have less than 1% of our orders (for our very small business) from the EU.


The only information we collect is email address, telephone number and mailing address; no IDs, No payment info etc.


As a  practical matter are we effected by this?

If you sell to customers (not businesses) in the EU you have to be GDPR complient.
You have to notify the customer on how you handle their email, store it locally, google apps, zoho, office 360 etc. If you use an 3rd party, Google Apps for example you have to make sure you sign the agreement with Google aswell and last but not least you have to get customers consent to store/handle their e-mail. Same applies for the Phone number. If you're using an online pbx you have to notify them aswell, and last but not least, all your European customers (not businesses) have the right to be forgotten. 
You should be able to delete/anonymize all their data. All of these are covered in the new CS Cart GDPR Plugin.

Remember, this only apply to EU customers (not businesses)
Also make sure that if you sell to the EU you should comply to the EU rules (as far as i know). That means that a customer can ALWAYS return a product without a reason for it. They have 14 days to notify about this and another 14 days to return the product.

The idea behind this law is very good, however, they overdone it. 

#299839 Gdpr Policy In The Eu

Posted by mumbomedia on 07 April 2018 - 07:31 AM

Hi Guys,


We are considering this feature for CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor. 


Right now I'm trying to find answer to questions: what kind of personal data should customer have access to (export/modify/delete) in CS-Cart.

It looks like:

- User & profile data

- Orders

- Cart & Wishlist content


Besides if client want to be "forgotten" should we erase all the records or we can just anonymize this data - like replace with "deleted user". This is need in order to maintain sychrnonization process - a lot of stores have some kind of synchronisations like CRM, Accounting programms etc. Documentations says there should be 2 optins erase of anonymize, and this is not good(

This is a very important point I think.


Feel free to share you thoughts on this. 


We contacted a lawyer for this, since we're in The Netherlands, and basicly it comes down to this.


1) Terms and Conditions need to comply, it should state exactly which user information you are using, why are you using it, if you are storing it, why are you storing it and who you share it with. ie. external mailclient, accounting software and ofcourse which data CS Cart is collecting and why.

2) Privacy policy and disclamer, Same as above.


3) Every customer (new and old) have to agree with a processors-agreement. They have to accept the agreement where it states again which data is collected, why it is collected and whoom it's shared with. Customers have to do this one time only. Old customers need to do this via a pop-up or opt-in via e-mail or similar, and new customers for the first time on checkout, BUT ACTUALLY BEFORE ANY DATA IS COLLECTED. (besides cookies, which need to be in the cookie pop-up)


4) The customers right to forget. Anonimising data is enough. Our accountingsoftware is GDPR complient and does just that. Click on a customer, click on forget and all his personal data (name, address, day of birth) is being anonymized.


There should be a seperate page where customers can request this.



So on 1&2 CS Cart needs to make a list on which data is collected, why and how.


on 3&4 there need to be modifications to the store.