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In Topic: Print Company Data To Page

25 March 2020 - 10:52 PM

Still not getting it to work.  Looking for someone to hire now who can get this done.
Maybe something for you eCom?

In Topic: Does Cs-Cart Operate On A Litespeed Server Without Problems

04 March 2020 - 02:02 PM

We're about to move to Litespeed with CentOS 8, PHP 7.3 and MariaDB.
All tests where fine. No noticable improvements though. Would be cool if an Litespeed addon was built for CS. Cart

In Topic: Cs-Cart Progress: April / May 2019 Video Report

01 March 2020 - 09:46 PM

Main issue that remains with CS-Cart is that they are continuously ignoring any requests.

And THAT's what i do agree on. This is an issue with more systems though. Woocommerce for example has since the first version a fixed "show number of products per page of 12". You have to override that with code or a plugin. But it's something silly. I've and hundreds if not more people have requested to change this. Just add a section where to change this, but they're not even responding.

I've mentioned this about CS.Cart somewhere else. There are loads of feature request which are just being ignored.
I am 100% sure that if CS.Cart/Simtech upped customer/community communication and actually listen a bit more they will grow!

In Topic: Cs-Cart Progress: April / May 2019 Video Report

01 March 2020 - 08:29 PM

You are says magento enterprise support etc, did u check cs-cart extra support prices? Cs team sell product + support, (magento is free) they want just money for unlimited support ( enterprise ) , also maybe 200-300 company support for magento, or woo, you can find really cheap companies, for cs-cart only 10-15 russian company and all them of really expensive

Yeah. Used CS's carts support quite a lot. 10 or 20 worth in credits which took them quite some time to sort is not expensive and this forum has some real hero's aswell.

Magento is NOT free. Where do you get that?!?
The community edition IS free, but no support or whatsoever from the team, also the free edition is NOT PCI Compliant and has way lower security then the enterprise version.
If you want official support with good security it starts at 2000 a month. There are more diffrences between the free and enterprise version. Free version is only good for small stores.

In the past 5 years i've found all support i need on these forums and trough the CS.Cart support. Overall we're super happy with CS.Cart, the only thing which i see as a real problem is the new light checkout, which as i believe is being planned to improved as we speak.

In Topic: Cs-Cart Progress: April / May 2019 Video Report

01 March 2020 - 07:55 PM

Can u tell me wich one price is 7500 usd?


Whu do you say CS Cart cost 7500. That's BS. 
Our mainshop runs on Ultimate version which was around 800 and about 100 per year. Currently has 6+ Multistores on it.
Is that expensive? Not at all.


Woocommerce is my favorite E-commerce solution and it's free, however a decent RMA system costs 75 a year. If you add all functionality to Woocommerce you go to around 400 a year minimum. We swapped a customer over who needed about 600 a year worth in modules which are default in CS. Cart and she is super happy! 


Prestashop is free, has a lot of functionality similar to CS Cart, however the variations in Prestashop work with Combinations. If you have a lot of products which have more then 3-4 variations you're in deep sh*t.
Let's add 150 a year for the module do to proper variations a year.

Opencart, is free. Have you ever worked with Opencart? I do not like it. Dreadful.

And then...Magento.
Whilst Magento community edition is free it is still very heavy. You need very good server specs to run it, which cost you a minimum of 50-100 a month.
Same as with Woocommerce, Magento isn't very feature packed. You need some addons on it, and the price of them are usually insane, also no support.

If you want support ... 20000+ dollar a year for the enterprise edition. Got that? 20.000+ dollar. And then you still need the expensive hosting and addons :)