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#296109 Unverified Google Login!

Posted by da3020 on 20 February 2018 - 05:10 PM

I join the issue.
I have tried to send verification form to Google but I did not exactly knew 
which Scopes do I need for my application. So I've declared two Scopes I thougt by logic. And it was wrong. I've recieved the folllowing letter fron Google:

Invalid/Inapplicable Scopes
Dear Developer,
Thank you for submitting the developer verification form. Based on the information you provided, we noticed that you have requested access to following scopes.
Scope names provided by you do not need approval and thus inapplicable for the verification process. Please refer full list of OAuth scopes can be found on the OAuth 2.0 Scopes page.
Please refer 'What are Invalid or Inapplicable scopes' question on our FAQ page as a resource.

So whitch scopes are correct?
So, after a long time I have no answer in bug tracker I have asked helpdesk about this. But service engeneer, not understanding the issue, just give me some screenshots about new Google's API cabinet and write-off 5 credits from my helpdesck score.
Now I have neither answer nor credits. Bad!
I propose to do two things in helpdesk: first - the claim button for disagree about answer. And second - "I'm definitely not going to pay for message" option in begining.
Otherwise it seems like a small dog bites a bit by bit with any movement. Really not cool policy.