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Shipping Rates And Formulas

12 March 2017 - 02:56 PM

Hi everyone,


Facing a headache issue with Shipping Rates and Locations...


I have two formula's from SF Express and I need to figure out a workable solution:


Example A


Standard Shipping Formula:


Total Weight * Base Cost of Country + Base charge for this country


1.2 * 12.84 + 1.79 = Total Shipping Charge


Example B


Express Shipping Charge


Based on 5kg (0.5 * 9)


Base price (per 0.5kg) + (cost for additional 0.5kg *9) discount 


(17.36) + (3.88 * 9) * 0.7 = Total Shipping Charge



Can anyone offer any help on this, paid or otherwise in order to come to some sensible logic to handle this please? Ideally taking the formula's into account and capturing the total weight to re calculate the shipping fee totally.


Any help greatly appreciated.





Paypal In-Context Debugging

09 January 2017 - 07:32 AM

Hi everyone,


Which specific files / functions are used in the 'paypal' add on for in-context checkout? I have some issues with one of the add ons which is not passing the right costs so the checkout fails.


I need to be able to debug the page but the Ajax calls make that some what tricky so I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to start debugging the issue on the paypal add on.


Thanks in advance.



Odoo Connector For Cs Cart 4.4.x (Developer Needed) Urgent

21 December 2016 - 09:59 AM



Are there any CS Cart developers on the forum willing to help integrate Odoo for CS Cart? I have contacted 2LM about their connector and no reply so far.


I also contacted one Indian company but they tried to TRICK us for a lot of money, $2,000 USD for an effectively OPEN system (Odoo) and an API Bridge.


I'm realistic for budget and Odoo is a free github clone away - Is there any developers with the willing or experience to help spec the job for my project?


Please contact me as soon as possible -- The requirement is time sensitive.





Shipping Methods With Zones (Not Locations)

26 November 2016 - 07:54 AM

Hi everyone


I have a very complex shipping matrix which requires shipping countries to be specified by each Shipping Method (Carriers) Zone. For now I have met with a huge limitation where by if this scenario occurs things fall apart:


1. Shipping Method A has 7 zones, DHL Zone 1 to 7

Inside this zone is for example: Spain


2. Shipping Method B has 2 zones, FedEx Zone 1 and 2

Inside Zone 1 is Spain


The problem: I can only be provided the FIRST shipping method and the other method is ignored because the country is defined in a Location already. 


The question: Can this be solved easily? is there an add on for it?