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#271504 How To Change The Default With Communication And Rating

Posted by ajayb on 24 February 2017 - 03:17 AM

Hi All,

 I am using Multi-vendor and all of our products must have "Communication and Rating" enabled. Currently the default value is "Disabled". I can manually enable them, but chances are that I might forget for some products.


 I would like that when a new product is created, the default value of Reviews be "Communication and Rating" and not "Disabled".


How can I do that?




#270608 Verification Api Error With Paypal Adaptive Add-On

Posted by ajayb on 10 February 2017 - 04:34 PM

Hi All,


I am trying to use PayPal Adaptive by Simtech in live mode (chained) . When I provide a vendor's PayPal ID, the add-on tries to verify its validity status using "GetVerifiedStatus" API call, however PayPal returns an error (550001) "User is not allowed to perform this action" and hence I cannot proceed to checkout.


PayPal support says I do not have API privileges to make this call.


While applying for an APP ID, I did not checkmark the "Get Verified Status" checkbox in PayPal's APP ID application form, as per Simtech's documentation.


I am about to resubmit a new application to PayPal with this option selected (as suggested by Simtech support).



Has any one of you been successful in using Simtech's PayPal Adaptive add-on in live mode? Has there been any issue with the verification status API call?


thanks and best regards