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Internationalization Not Working In Seo?

30 October 2016 - 02:37 PM



Internationalization doesn't seem to be working on our website http://goo.gl/X4GxbQ.

First: the Google Sitemap Addon generated a sitemap, but of the possible "homepages" in different languages, only the default https://www.homepage.com/ was included.
So I added manually the https://www.homepage.com/en/, https://www.homepage.com/id/, https://www.homepage.com/nl/ and https://www.homepage.com/de/ in the sitemap.

The sitemap is there for more than a month now and I can see Google has crawled hundreds of pages.

The above mentioned additions in the sitemap are at position 2 till 5.


Now, when I search for the website on Google, it only shows the English version, while I am clearly looking for our website with Dutch keywords and while I am searching from The Netherlands, with a "clean browser" (no cookies stored).

With Bing the problems are comparable, so I must be doing something completely wrong?


Thoughts about what could be causing this?

Thanks in advance,


Google Seo And Internationalization

01 September 2016 - 12:53 PM



We have a website in four languages: http://goo.gl/X4GxbQ (name without language selector).

I have two questions:


1) why do I still find a (one) href lang error in Google Search Console for http://goo.gl/cuzzOp; http://goo.gl/XuYVNu and http://goo.gl/aeoH6H? So with the extensions /sl=en, /sl=nl and /sl=de.

(Note: there are more href lang errors in the Indonesian language (sl=id), but that's because not all English pages have been translated yet in Indonesian).


2) In search results, when searching in The Netherlands in Google.nl for 'bali holiday villa', the website comes up on page 2 of search results in the English language, with other websites in English language coming before our website. I would expect Google would show our website in Dutch. If that would work as expected, it might also make the website score higher than it does now? Or is this caused by the English testimonials?


CS Cart help desk says everything has been configured OK regarding href lang and that they cannot say anything about the indexing by Google.


What are we doing wrong or should we do different? :-(

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance,