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In Topic: Free Addon: Subscribe Popup

26 December 2016 - 10:05 AM

Looks like a great addon, but where do the entered e-mail addresses go?

In Topic: Internationalization Not Working In Seo?

01 December 2016 - 10:31 AM

Follow-up for everybody reading this post.

Don't want to cross-post, so please see this also as an answer on post "Google Seo And Internationalization".

Because after reading an advice it's very frustrating not to know how things have worked out.

Well, I can tell you all that the internationalization is working for us know.

This appears the way to do it, but it takes some time for Google to adjust to it.

Right now we have only a few internationalization errors left (because of the testimonials which are always in English), but I think that won't hurt us with 500++ indexed pages in Google Search Console.


So... kudos for Flow, Super Druper! :-)

In Topic: Internationalization Not Working In Seo?

30 October 2016 - 05:49 PM

Thankyou for the quick answer.

If you need any advice on Bali, just contact me.

I'll be more than glad to help after the advice you've given.

But be warned, you'll be awfully spoiled after that... ;-)


About your answer: could you add the attachment?


In Topic: Google Seo And Internationalization

03 October 2016 - 05:55 PM

Thanks very much for the great advice!

It took some time, but the job of including the language in the url's has been done. Let's see what the results will be with the search machines.

One thing that looks strange to me: the Google Sitemap Addon generated a new sitemap, but of the possible homepages in different languages, only the default https://www.homepage.com/ was included.
So I added manually the https://www.homepage.com/en/, https://www.homepage.com/id/, https://www.homepage.com/nl/ and https://www.homepage.com/de/ in the sitemap.

I think they weren't included in the old sitemap either (https://www.homepage.com/?sl=id etc.). Maybe that's why Google never found the homepage other than in English when searching in a different language from English.
If so, then that looks like a serious shortcoming of the Google Sitemap Addon or at least something one should know when setting up in more than one language...?

In Topic: Google Seo And Internationalization

02 September 2016 - 06:23 PM

OK, thanks Flow 8) , I get that.

If that's really better I could do that, but the consequences will be pretty big (wish I had known this at the beginning :-( )?


Because all the url's will change, I will have to:

- check all all the internal links

- construct a new sitemap

- correct robots.txt

- notify websites that are deeplinking to our website

Maybe other important consequences that I am forgetting?


For some time all the links in the search engines will result in a 404 which could be hurting?
Sorry for all these questions: we know a lot about villas in Bali, but much less about CS Cart and the workings of search engines like Google...