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In Topic: Using ######### To Upgrade

30 December 2021 - 12:19 PM

Moving the new install from a temp domain to the root shouldn't be too problematic and I use only a couple 3rd party addons. I'll be changing to Stripe payments which will eliminate one of the addons also. The shared server is actually pretty fast and my store is relatively small. I had similar problems upgrading a copy of the site on a local dev site under Windows / WAMP and on an ubuntu vm using VirtualBox.


So, thank you very much for confirming that using Cart 2 Cart is something that is at least worth considering as an alternate way to upgrade. If it fails, I'll definitely consider using a cs-cart  pro like FDGWEB.

In Topic: Can't Connect To Ship Station

10 December 2021 - 12:31 PM

It was working alright for me for several years. But I just canceled them yesterday and changed to Shippo. The USPS Priority Mail rates were $1 higher per package in Shipstation for the size/weight I ship the most (14x4x4, 4lbs)! But, as far as I know, no Shippo plugin exists for CSC. But it has a well-documented api that is fairly easy to implement and it's also easy to do csv import/export. Also, PirateShip seems to have the same rates as Shippo and costs nothing but csv import/export is apparently the only option for CSC.

In Topic: Problem Updating Store In Subdirectory

17 October 2021 - 05:16 AM

Never mind. I'm back in business!


The problem was that,

  1. .htaccess instructed apache to rewrite all HTTP requests as HTTPS and csc sees the HTTPS request.
  2. But csc was not configured to use HTTPS in the settings_objects table.
  3. Around line 359 in app/functions/fn_control in the fn_dispatch() function is code that was redirecting admin.php back to admin.php, resulting in an endless loop.
  4. It was working fine locally because .htaccess wasn't rewriting the url to use HTTPS.


So, the fix was to simply set secure_admin to 'Y' in the settings_objects table.


I suppose this endless loop situation might be avoided if fn_dispatch() raises an exception when it's about to redirect to the request uri.

In Topic: Shipping Software Solution

16 October 2021 - 03:12 PM

Shipstation quit importing my orders about 7 months ago. I have import via CSV not. Such a pain when the fix must be super easy.

It did stop working for a while but I reported it to shipstation, the developers worked on it, I tested it, and it works again. Give it another try.

In Topic: Can't Connect To Ship Station

24 March 2021 - 11:20 AM

Yes, I did try those things (SS support is terrible).


What I was hoping for is someone to say either "I'm having the same issue" or "I'm able to connect just fine". Then I'd know if I'm barking up the wrong tree or not.


With 200+ views of this thread, it's kinda disappointing that there are no US-based CSC users that can comment?


I'm having an issue with ss too. It had been working fine for years but stopped importing orders on Monday. No error is reported in Shipstation, it just doesn't import any orders. The php error log shows this error which I think is the cause of the problem:


PHP Catchable fatal error: session_regenerate_id(): Failed to create(read) session ID: user (path: /tmp)

Does your log show this too?


Hosting company is no help and no response from Shipstation forum yet.




Actually, I made a mistake. The orders are showing up in Shipstation under "Awaiting Payment". For some reason, Shipstation thinks the orders are unpaid even though all of them were.