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Add-On: Cart Panel

23 September 2020 - 11:38 AM

Cart Panel – shows all products added to the cart on the desktop version of the store.





More info on themehills.com/product/cart-panel

For the first 9 buyers 50% discount


We were inspired to develop this add-on by the modification on amazon.com




Compatibility: 4.8.x - 4.11.x
Demo: demo.themehills.com/cscart/a_cart_panel/
Documentation: themehills.com/documentation/cart-panel/

Add-On: Product Video

12 August 2020 - 07:23 AM

Product Video – adds a video to the detailed product page.




More info on themehills.com/product/product-video

For the first 9 buyers 50% discount



  • Easily use
  • The video is added with a link (. mp4 format)
  • You can change the image of a default thumbnail

Compatibility: 4.8.x - 4.11.x
Demo: demo.themehills.com/cscart/a_product_video/demo/example
Documentation: themehills.com/documentation/product-video

Add-On: Full Width Grid

28 July 2020 - 05:45 PM

Full Width Grid – allows to create full width grids (bg, menu, banners, etc).
Transforms standard CS-Cart themes and takes them to the next level.



- Make section full width
Useful for those who want to make banners with full width of the screen or any other content


- Add top and bottom padding
Useful if you set the background or the content of the blocks is too close to each other


- Add custom class to section Useful if you want to set the background to the full width of the screen, without stretching the content or add styles for the section
Allows the background to set a parallax effect


More info on themehills.com/full-width-grid

For the first 3 buyers 50% discount


Compatibility: 4.9.x - 4.11.x

Documentation: themehills.com/documentation/full-width-grid/



Add-On: Extended Logo

29 June 2020 - 08:07 PM

Extended Logo – makes the store’s logo adaptive. Supports SVG.



 - Set different logo versions for mobile resolution, tablets, and desktop

 - Use SVG or standard image formats

 - Add SVG logo code to reduce requests or by link to support more complex SVG images

 - Supports RTL


More info on themehills.com/extended_logo

For the first 9 buyers 50% discount


Compatibility: 4.8.x - 4.11.x

Documentation: themehills.com/documentation/extended-logo/



Multi-Vendor Ultimate Does Not Save Storefront Settings For Add-Ons

28 June 2020 - 07:09 AM

We struggle with the issue that Multi-Vendor Ultimate add-on settings are saved immediately for all storefronts. It doesn’t work at all like in CS-Cart Ultimate.
The problem can be reproduced with “Call requests” add-on.


We have several solutions that each storefront has its own settings for the add-ons. And without this option, some of it is not up to Ultimate, it’s some limited version of it.
For example, the “Appearance” or “Icons” settings do not have a division by storefront.

It turns out that if you put on the site different themes that have their own settings in these pages, they will simply overwrite each other expressionless.png?v=5

In CS-Cart Ultimate, you can configure it for all storefronts at once or for each individually.


If you use the Rewrite phone on the Multi-Vendor Ultimate, then the phone in all the storefronts will be replaced.
Support team promised someday to fix it.
Who also struggle with this issue?
How did you solve it in your projects?