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#256786 Is There An Auction Add-On Where Vendors Can Manage Their Own Auctions?

Posted by thegungeon on 09 August 2016 - 11:09 PM

Hello all,


I recently started using Auction from Cart-Power, but unfortunately Vendors are not able to manage their own auctions. Vendors can declare that a product is an auction, but they can't start or configure the auction themselves. Only main admins (not vendor admins) can configure the auctions.


I'm looking to have vendor's on my marketplace who set up hundreds of auctions each week and I don't want to have to manually configure all the auctions for all the vendors.


Is there an auction add-on out there where this is already possible?



I am trying to think of some workarounds (none of which are very good)


Is it possible to create an admin account for these vendors, but where they can only access the products for their store?


Can you upload an csv that includes fields for an add-on?


It may come down to them having to email me all auction information for me to add to their products.


Thanks for any advice.

#255871 Changing Hover Color Of Menu Links

Posted by thegungeon on 27 July 2016 - 06:24 PM


Please try

.ty-menu__items .ty-menu__item .ty-menu__item-link:hover {


This works great when I hover over the menu item, but when I move the cursor to the drop down sub menu, it turns the original menu item back to the default white.


Any suggestions?