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#259579 Need A Shipping Label Add-On

Posted by Justgrant2009 on 16 September 2016 - 07:01 PM

Hi everyone,


We have a Multi-Vendor set up where there will (one day) be hundreds of vendors in our site.  


What we are trying to find right now is an add-on that integrates generating shipping labels available inside the vendor dashboard.  Considering there will be several different vendors, it'd have to be something that isn't directly tied to one user account, but instead is general for each vendor.  (I.e. doesn't charge me for each label they create).


Is there anything at all out there that would work like this?  Preferably something that doesn't also require the vendor to go to some other site/tool to (like ShipStation or ShipRush) which I think those also require them to have paid accounts to use.


I want to make this as absolutely easiest as possible on my vendors.

#243143 Edit Vendor Login Page

Posted by Justgrant2009 on 16 February 2016 - 03:15 PM

Any other advice then?


I'm using "Graceful Theme" but I didn't think that affects the login pages.


I've tried adding that to 5 different "login_form.tpl" files.  I have the "backend" folder (updated it there).  I also have the following 4 under themes:

  • graceful
  • graceful_clone
  • responsive
  • responsive_clone

Inside CS Cart Admin, if I got to where I chose a theme, it says I'm using a "graceful_clone" but the one I'm using has the following in the sidebar:




Also, if I use the built in CS Cart Admin Template editor (but selecting the top dropdown for Design » Templates), and go to "Templates » Views » Auth » login_form.tpl" here's what it currently looks like:

{assign var="id" value=$id|default:"main_login"}

{capture name="login"}
    <form name="{$id}_form" action="{""|fn_url}" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="return_url" value="{$smarty.request.return_url|default:$config.current_url}" />
    <input type="hidden" name="redirect_url" value="{$config.current_url}" />

        {if $style == "checkout"}
            <div class="ty-checkout-login-form">{include file="common/subheader.tpl" title=__("returning_customer")}
        <div class="ty-control-group">
            <label for="login_{$id}" class="ty-login__filed-label ty-control-group__label cm-required cm-trim cm-email">{__("email")}</label>
            <input type="text" id="login_{$id}" name="user_login" size="30" value="{$config.demo_username}" class="ty-login__input cm-focus" />

        <div class="ty-control-group ty-password-forgot">
            <label for="psw_{$id}" class="ty-login__filed-label ty-control-group__label ty-password-forgot__label cm-required">{__("password")}</label><a href="{"auth.recover_password"|fn_url}" class="ty-password-forgot__a"  tabindex="5">{__("forgot_password_question")}</a>
            <input type="password" id="psw_{$id}" name="password" size="30" value="{$config.demo_password}" class="ty-login__input" maxlength="32" />

        {if $style == "popup"}
            <div class="ty-login-reglink ty-center">
                <a class="ty-login-reglink__a" href="{"profiles.add"|fn_url}" rel="nofollow">{__("register_new_account")}</a>

        {include file="common/image_verification.tpl" option="login" align="left"}

        {if $style == "checkout"}

        {hook name="index:login_buttons"}
            <div class="buttons-container clearfix">
                <div class="ty-float-right">
                    {include file="buttons/login.tpl" but_name="dispatch[auth.login]" but_role="submit"}
                <div class="ty-login__remember-me">
                    <label for="remember_me_{$id}" class="ty-login__remember-me-label"><input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" name="remember_me" id="remember_me_{$id}" value="Y" />{__("remember_me")}</label>

{if $style == "popup"}
    {$smarty.capture.login nofilter}
    <div class="ty-login">
        {$smarty.capture.login nofilter}

    {capture name="mainbox_title"}{__("sign_in")}{/capture}
{if $smarty.const.ACCOUNT_TYPE == 'vendor'}