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Orders Email Sending To Customer

10 November 2016 - 09:07 AM

Something weird. Email send out to customers for notifications are always have title of "Vendor" instead of the our store itself.


Lets stay my store name is ABC.com and a vendor name is xyz. A customer placed order and received email notification stating sender name xyz (vendor) and email subject as well to store name.



XYZ : Order No. 654454


I would like to have similar


ABC : Order No. 654454


Same with email sender name ABC instead of XYZ.


Anyone can help to change this quickly?




Shipping Charges Not Being Clubbing With Order Amount

10 November 2016 - 08:37 AM



I recently found an issue with my platform MV 4.3.6. Shipping charges shows until you are on checkout page. Moment you click on make payment or proceed to payment, it redirect to external secure payment gateway page, but what I noticed, customer would have only the product cost visible there but no shipping charges.


Let's say..a product cost is $100, and shipping charges calculated $5, total cost to customer is $105. However until I'm on my own checkout page, it's shows total cost to customer $105, but what next, on payment gateway page (where customer actually make payment) I see only $100 and not $105.


Not sure, it's bug or something not setup properly. 


Any help on this much appreciated.