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Add A Product To The Cart Using A Link

23 February 2016 - 04:14 PM


I'm developing a "decision tree" using d3.js to give the users the opportunity to choose the right product based on his/her needs.

What I want to do is to add a link to the last leaf of the tree to permit to add the proper product to the cart.


Please have a look at the attached image to better understand.




Get The Box_Length Attribute Value In Category Page

12 February 2016 - 10:20 AM


I'm customizing a website the sells wallpapers and other goods, and I need to add the feature to buy a wallpaper sample.

I have solved the problem by adding one hidden product for each wallpaper to use it as a sample, and by using the box length field (not in use for shipping pourpose) to put in it the sample product_id.

This way I have the relation berween the wallpaper and its sample.

I'm able to show a "buy a sample" button in the product detail page with a little customization on the tpl file and using the $product.box_length attribute.

Now I have to do the same in the category page (where all the wallpapers are listed), but the "box_length" attribute seems to be empty.


<div class="ty-column{$columns}">
                        {if $product}
                            {assign var="obj_id" value=$product.product_id}
                            {assign var="obj_id_sample" value=$product.box_length} <--- this is empty


For example this is a wallpaper detail page where the $product.box_length is populated correctly



On the category page I still have to add the "order a sample" button




Any idea regarding this issue ?



Analytics Addon Doesn't Open Anymore And No Transactions Are Recorded

13 January 2016 - 09:06 AM


in the last three days analytics stopped to record the ecommerce transactions without having changed anything in cs-cart or in analytics.

I have double checked everything and I can't find a solution. No filter or exclusions are set in analytics.

So I tried to open the analytics add on in cs-cart,  but it doesn't opens anymore. Also the other add on don't open anymore.

I verified the shop home page and the analytics script is present in the page code.


Anyone has ever experienced a problem like this ?




Owl Carousel - How To Get The Slide Id Or Image Title

15 December 2015 - 02:25 PM

I need to build a page where I have an image carousel and for each image in the carousel I have to show a related text by clicking a link.
To do that I need to know which image is currently displayed to show the related informational text.

I have used var owl= $('.owl-carousel .owl-item.active'); to get the owl object, but I can't find the ID or image title properties.




Worldpay Currency Issue

01 December 2015 - 10:12 AM


I have a shop with two available currency (USD anf GBP) and I'm experiencing a problem with Worldpay for two reasons :


1) In the cs-cart payment page for worldpay I can set just one currency (in my case GBP), so if a customer buy in USD a sort of conversion is made by Worldpay, whereas I would like to process the orders using my own conversion rate


2)In the Worldpay payment page the customer can change the currency using a drop down list.


I have found this article from Worlpay to make the drop down list invisible (to solve the sencond issue).

They say to add this hidden field


<input type=hidden name="hideCurrency" value="true">




I have opened the worldpay.php script, but I'm not sure how to pass this parameter.

Add a field in the data array like this ?


'hideCurrency' => true,


Another interesting line of code is the $signature where there is the code $processor_data['processor_params']['currency']. Probably it is possible to change the currency with the order curency ?


Anyone have already solved this issue ?