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Add-On By Webkul: Seller Vacations

01 February 2019 - 09:11 AM

Hello Community,


Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Seller Vacations".


Short Description:


By using this add-on a seller products will be visible to the buyers along with the seller message, by which the buyers will know that the seller is on vacation and will not be available. An admin as well as the buyer would be informed about the unavailability of the seller. To inform about the vacation a Seller require to set start date and end date of the vacation. Seller can also provide a message in multi-language that is to be displayed on the product page and  seller profile page. This add-on helps marketplace seller to disable the “add to cart” button for the products if in case the seller is not available to fulfill the orders for a certain time period. An admin can even delete the seller vacation.


Attached File  cs-cart-seller-vacations.jpg   495.83KB   0 downloads



  1. Seller can plan a vacation informing the admin and customers buying their product.
  2. A new “Seller vacations” tab gets added to the vendor account to inform about the vacations.
  3. An admin can “Allow” or “Disallow” the sellers to apply for vacations.
  4. An admin can “Auto Approve” the seller’s vacations from backend.
  5. Admin can set the number of days before which seller has to apply for vacations.
  6. Admin can set the number of times a seller reminds for approval of vacations.
  7. Admin can customize the color settings of vacation box to be displayed at frontend.
  8. Seller can Allow or Disallow “Add to Cart” for buyers during the vacation period.
  9. Seller needs to specify the message that is to be displayed on the product page and the profile page.
  10. Seller will automatically become active after the vacation end date.
  11. Seller can add the vacation message in multi-language.
  12. Mail will be send to admin when vendor apply for vacations.
  13. Mail will be send to seller when admin approve and disapprove the vacation.
  14. Seller can remind the admin about approval of their vacation.
Addon Compatibility: 
Compatible with CS-Cart Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x. Feel free to contact us at support@webkul.com
Check out the more details here - https://webkul.com/b...ller-vacations/
We would be happy with any comment and suggestions. Please do share your valuable feedback! 
Thank You! 


Seller Plan Contract

14 January 2019 - 06:25 AM

Hello Community


Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Seller Plan Contract".


Short Description:


This addon allows an admin to create a contract for each seller plan that includes the details of the seller company and various terms and conditions that an admin want to add to his contract. Also, a seller has to digitally sign that contract before doing registration and opting for any plan to start selling his products on an online store.






  • Well integrated with MultiVendor.
  • Advance backend options for admin to add contract data under vendor plan.
  • A Seller can digitally sign the contract before registration.
  • Admin and seller both will get signed contract via email after registration.
  • Admin can set the size of the digital signature from the backend.
  • An admin can set fields of the contract form from the backend.
  • Sign contract from backend when seller changed their plan.
  • Enable or disable contract for any plan.
  • Easy to configure and manage at admin end.

Note: This addon has a dependency with CS-Cart default vendor plan addon.


We will be glad for any comments.


Voice Search

17 December 2018 - 12:19 PM

Hello Community


Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Voice Search".


Short Description:


This remarkable add-on allows your customer to search anything on the website just by speaking on microphone instead of typing keywords manually. Hence, this add-on has a voice recognition system that recognizes the customer’s voice and converts it into the text in the search box. Therefore this makes the search easier and faster.


Attached File  cs-cart-voice-search.jpg   477.68KB   0 downloads




1. Recognize the customer’s voice and type in the search box.

2. Searches the results related to the keyword in the search box.

3. Saves customer’s time as they don’t have to type keywords manually.

4. Speaker button is visible on the search box to speak a keyword.

5. An admin can customize the speaker icon color, background color, and boundary color.

6. Allow admin to select the locale with the language code of site languages.

7. Support multiple languages.


We will be glad for any comments..


Thank you


Follow Vendor And Category

17 December 2018 - 11:36 AM

Hello Community


Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Follow Vendor And Category".


Short Description:


This add-on is used to make a customer follow a "Vendor" and "Category". When a customer follows a "vendor" then he will get daily updates about the vendor's products like an update for a "new product created" and when an old product is "Back in stock". When a customer follows a "category", then he will get daily updates about the product in a category like an update for "New product created" of a category and when an old product is "Back in stock" of a category.


Attached File  follow-vendor-&-category.png   158.54KB   2 downloads




1. A user can enable either “Follow Vendor” or “Follow Category” and you can enable both.

2. Send email notifications to vendor followers for the events: “Product Created” and “Back In Stock”.

3. Send email notifications to category followers for the events: “Product Created” and “Back In stock”.

4. An admin uses cron URL to hit emails automatically after an update.

5. Admin can control which customer can follow vendors and categories on the basis of the user group.

6. Allow the vendor to see their followers.

7. An admin can unfollow vendor followers and category followers from the backend.

8. A vendor can unfollow only their vendor followers, not category followers.

9. It allows a customer to see the number of followers of the vendor and category.

10. Supports multiple languages.

11. Allow Guest customers to follow vendor and category through his email Id.

12. A customer can manage their followers through his profile.

We will be glad for any comments.


New Theme By Webkul: Vertigo: Fashion Responsive Theme

30 July 2018 - 10:39 AM

Hello, Friends!
Want to present a strong online presence on your viewers!! Then CS-Cart Vertigo: Fashion Responsive Theme will be the ideal solution for your business in the professional world.
CS-Cart Vertigo Fashion Responsive Theme: This theme brings up an elegant and intriguing appearance to your Cs-Cart and Cs-Cart Multivendor stores. You can enhance the texture and look of your Cs-Cart store with CS-Cart Vertigo: Fashion Responsive theme. By using the complete recoloring power of this theme you can simply create your own fashion style and recolor various things on your storefront. Its responsive nature gives a pleasant look to your storefront which looks appreciable on any device.
Use of Cs-Cart Vertigo Fashion Responsive Theme: You can use this theme to sell you all fashion products like dresses, attires, garb, outfits etc and provide your viewers a contrast.
If you want to ask any question before buying or you unexpectedly be faced with a bug in the theme you can get fast and reliable assistance by clicking here.
  • -> Well integrated with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor.
  • -> Fully responsive fashion design.
  • -> Easy to install and customize.
  • -> Multilingual support.
  • -> Improvised navigation tabs to display product information on the product page.
  • -> An enhanced testimonial section on the Homepages.
  • -> Well designed star rating view in comments and review section.
  • -> An enhanced blog page.
  • -> An intensify testimonial section on the homepage.
  • -> Annex option to show the Products in form.
  • -> Easy to use built-in social sharing buttons.
  • -> High website readability with any search engine.
  • -> The designed theme makes your site load fast.



Addon Compatibility: 
Compatible with CS-Cart and Multivendor 4.8.1, 4.7.x, 4.6.x, 4.5.x. Needed for any other version? Feel free to contact us at support@webkul.com.
Check out the more details here - https://webkul.com/b...sponsive-theme/
We would be happy with any comment and suggestions.
Thank You!