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Lite Checkout Field Arrangement Limitations For Delivery Calculation (Uk)

08 October 2019 - 07:07 AM

So the new Lite checkout looks nice but in the UK postcode is the priority to work out delivery rates rather than the County.


So wanting to swap these over under the top 'Deliver To' Block there is the option to add the Postcode, but on removing the county to keep it nice and titdy (3 in a row) you are unable to re add the county to the 'Address' block - you get less fields (only address 1&2)?


What's happening here?

Problem Upgrading And Converting Option Combos To Variations

03 October 2019 - 04:56 PM

Hi has anyone had this, lots of option combos using the tool to convert them all - I hit start and the popup begins then ends prematurely without getting very far?

How To Make Variations Not Show Individually Under Admin Searches?

02 October 2019 - 09:54 AM

So on the new feature based variants, in the admin it is very confusing when searching as all variants show when searching a product range, if you want to see variants you can click into the product so how do we stop them all from showing on the initial search?

Php Fatal Error - When Viewing Cart After Upgrade

27 September 2019 - 07:32 AM

Any ideas on this one guys?



PHP Fatal Error
Uncaught Pimple\Exception\UnknownIdentifierException: Identifier "addons.product_variations.product.manager" is not defined. in /home/mystore/public_html/app/lib/vendor/pimple/pimple/src/Pimple/Container.php:101 Stack trace: #0 /home/mystore/public_html/app/addons/sd_remarketing_code/func.php(2): Pimple\Container->offsetGet('addons.product_...') #1 /home/mystore/public_html/app/addons/sd_remarketing_code/func.php(2): sd_MDk3YzBkODhkYzIwODNhYjQ1NWI0ZjY2(4722, Array) #2 /home/mystore/public_html/app/addons/sd_remarketing_code/controllers/frontend/checkout.post.php(2): sd_MWRlMWQwYWVjYjc5MmQwNTIzYjc3ZTRm(Array) #3 /home/mystore/public_html/app/functions/fn.control.php(665): include('/home/mystore/...') #4 /home/mystore/public_html/app/functions/fn.control.php(423): fn_run_controller('/home/mystore/...', 'checkout', 'cart', '', '') #5 /home/mystore/public_html/index.php(25): fn_dispatch() #6 {main} thrown
Error at
app/lib/vendor/pimple/pimple/src/Pimple/Container.php, line: 101


Items Showing As Out Of Stock In Microdata Even If 'do Not Track'

16 August 2019 - 04:30 PM

So Google has been suspending shopping ads as microdata says 'out of stock' unless qty > 0 even though we are setting the item to 'do not track'?


Is this a bug?