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In Topic: Paypal Pro Authorize But Not Capture Payment

13 April 2022 - 09:55 AM

Hi - has anyone done anything about this - has CS Cart not improved teh integration a little?

In Topic: Track Inventory Option, Can It Be Individual For Variants At All?

04 February 2022 - 01:25 PM

Here for example, we have another option which is white 4mm - but we want that set to track and it to say out of stock, but the 2.8mm we want set as is - but we can't have them set differently so have to just disable the 4mm for now.



In Topic: Youpi Theme By Alexbranding Team

26 July 2021 - 04:27 PM

Hi - your other theme you added these improvements:


[+] Optimitized loading of pages thanks to the use of priority of images loading, improved considerably efficiency (FCP/LCP) in Google PageSpeed. "AB: Preload" add-on v1.3.0 is needed.


Functionality changes:
[~] Physical sizes were added for all generated images. It increases assessment results (requirement of Google Speed).



Have you to this one?

In Topic: Paypal Pro Authorize But Not Capture Payment

01 July 2021 - 06:50 PM

The vast majority of folk have a PayPal account for express checkout. It's a must

In Topic: Payment Restriction By Product

07 June 2021 - 09:39 AM

How does this work with paypal express checkout in the cart?