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In Topic: Impact Of The Ukraine War On Cs-Cart License Validation

18 March 2022 - 03:26 PM

How about the addons (and support for them) provided by Russian and Ukrainian developers? It would be great to know if any of them are currently facing issues or estimate not being able to sell and support their products in future.

In Topic: Which Is The Cs Cart Theme For Multivendor (Quality + Customer Service)

14 January 2022 - 01:56 PM

Which Is The BEST CS-Cart Theme For Multivendor (Quality + Customer Service) *sorry for typo

Please help us decide which CS Cart Theme for Multivendor we should invest in. 




VIVASHOP all the way, without a shadow of a doubt, especially for the multivendor addon that they have developed, which you wont find at any other theme, and which is exactly what a marketplace website needs. Besides, customer support is one of the best you could ever get.  

In Topic: Vivashop - The #1 Selling Theme For Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

30 June 2021 - 02:59 PM

also Google Insights is a good tool tells about the real speed of your website for your end users ..



I'm afraid that in practice your statement is pretty inaccurate! Google Insights gives you un idea about what you might need to improve. It definitely does NOT indicate the REAL speed that users feel, which also depends on the end user devices, their internet connection.... I saw over time plenty of very, very fast websites, but with low results in google reports. Also, promoting your site does not only mean google results, it means many other ways of doing it. If you start spending money on seo, speed, percentages, reports... again, you might forget to concentrate on your own business. Google is a never ending story which changes all the time, a big headache many times. Life does not mean google only!! :)  

In Topic: Vivashop - The #1 Selling Theme For Cs-Cart And Multi-Vendor

30 June 2021 - 02:22 PM


it would be great if you shared some of these websites .. 

we already tested vivashop (and many of cs-cart theme) in a very high spec server .. but all are not not Google Insights friendly ..

for example, by default, cs-cart responsive theme loads the css and js files ahead (they are blocking items).. while Google Insights is not supporting such blocking items and gives low rate for them ..



Any cs-cart theme is based on their cs-cart default responsive theme, so you should probably contact cs-cart for changing the way the default theme is coded. Anyway, I also agree with sorinw@gmail.com , user experience is what it matters the most. Some people really get stuck in charts and percentages, and numbers, and google technologies (which is changing very often anyway), that they forget to actually take care of their business itself. For multi-vendor, Vivashop is truly getting close to the look of the big boys (amazon, ebay), this is exactly what cs-cart was missing. No other theme gets even closer to vivashop from the user experience point of view, not mentioning the multi-vendor functionalities.  And don't forget that your site does not mean only a theme, a theme is not the solution to all of your problems. A website means addons, server setting, server resources, modifications, images, CDN, caching methods, so there's a lot of stuff that you need to consider when you are testing your site. All of these are different from site to site, that's why users report different performance.