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In Topic: Payment By Reward Points - Need To Disable Promo Code Box

27 June 2016 - 11:09 PM

any thoughts?

In Topic: Payment By Reward Points - Need To Disable Promo Code Box

23 June 2016 - 07:06 PM

The code below is located inside /templates/addons/reward_points/hooks/checkout/payment_options.post.tpl

{if $cart_products && $cart.points_info.total_price && $user_info.points > 0 && !$cart.discount } 

I can only assume there needs to be a change to the file below to reverse the statement and show no promo box when points are used either before or after the class "coupons-container"



<div class="checkout-totals clearfix" id="checkout_totals">
        {if $cart_products }
            <div class="coupons-container">
                {if $cart.has_coupons}
                    {include file="views/checkout/components/promotion_coupon.tpl"}
                {hook name="checkout:payment_extra"}
        {hook name="checkout:payment_options"}
        {include file="views/checkout/components/checkout_totals_info.tpl"}
        <div class="clear"></div>
        <ul class="statistic-list total">
                <li class="total">
                <span class="total-title">{__("total_cost")}</span><span class="checkout-item-value">{include file="common/price.tpl" value=$_total|default:$smarty.capture._total|default:$cart.total span_id="cart_total" class="price"}</span>

In Topic: Payment By Rewards Points Disabled When Using Promo Code

09 October 2015 - 07:42 PM

Please try the following solution. Open the design\themes\responsive\templates\addons\reward_points\hooks\checkout\payment_options.post.tpl file and replace:

{if $cart_products && $cart.points_info.total_price && $user_info.points > 0}

{if $cart_products && $cart.points_info.total_price && $user_info.points > 0 && !$cart.discount}
Hope this will help.



Thanks looks like this prevents customers from using any discount/promo codes when using rewards points. Even takes away the field for customer to put promo codes in.


Now the issue I am having is when the customer uses points it seems as thought the discount is being multiplied by 10 when they use the rewards points.


I have set our points system to be 200 point to equal $1 customers are getting 100% points per dollar so if they purchase an item for $500 they get 500 points. All that is fine, but when they use it something weird happens.


For instance I have 500 points if I were to use all 500 that would equate to a $2.50 discount but when they use the 500 points it takes off $25 dollars. So there is some snippet of code somewhere that I assume that is multiplying the discount by 10 to take off the $25 instead of $2.50


Any idea which file or what would need to be edited to prevent this? :confused: