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Add To Cart

06 February 2016 - 09:39 PM



I have been searching all day for a few options.
I'm in test mode to import mass production. 
After 900 from the 3000 products it stopped.


So i get a api key from my suplier, but no idea how to do this after searching the internet.

Third option i get was with an iframe on my site, but need to have my store url in his account.

So it goes like this www.my-store-domain.com/add_to_cart=[XXX]

The [xxx] stands for his product id and it should go in my cart and my clients can checkout without knowing its extern.
But the problem is now that i dont found the correct add to cart url.
I have tryed


But no luck.


I have been busy with testing a few store softwares, but i dont get it wright.


Hope sombody have the awnser.