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Cant Set Up Epdq (Barclaycard)

20 September 2018 - 04:48 PM

I hope someone can help me with setting up a new payment provider. We currently use Worldpay to process our card payments, however we want to move over the Barclaycard. We have got all the logins for Barclaycards site, however we are unable to get this set up. We are following the guides and we always get the error:


An error has occurred; please try again later. If you are the owner or the integrator of this website, please log into the Barclaycard back office to see the details of the error.


In the log in Barclaycard the error log shows:


unknown order/1/s/


When I contacted Barclaycard, they said the SHA pass phrase was incorrect, however this has been checked many times.


We did use Barclaycard for card payments many years ago and we did have this old setup as disabled up until the other day. Could the other SHA pass phrase be cached somewhere in our site? We have deleted the files in our cache folder in the ftp but this makes no difference.


Any help is greatly appreciated.