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#191680 3 New Addons - Boldchat, Postcode Anywhere And Page Templates

Posted by pixelbypixel on 08 September 2014 - 04:32 PM


We have added 3 more addons to our selection on the Marketplace.

These are:

Boldchat - a popular live chat system, easily integrate it to your site with two display modes, all you need are your boldchat account id's

Postcode Anywhere Capture+ - A worldwide, very popular service for pre-populating fields during the checkout process. All you need it a Key from Postcode Anywhere, and instantly all of your address forms will have address pre-population and searching.

Page Templates - This is our first FREE addon, as a favor to the developer community. When creating pages, it is often a nightmare to have 2 pages with different logic or layouts behind them without making the default view.tpl a little messy. This addon lets you create new templates as new files, and then assign them to one or more pages. Much like templates work in Wordpress! A very nifty and useful one we find.

You can find them all on our website here, or on the Marketplace soon

Thanks, and more to come soon!