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Are Searchwords By Customers Recorded?

19 August 2014 - 04:08 PM

When a visitor of my website uses the search field are the words he uses recorded? My former shop in Magento keeped track of the searchwords used by the visitors. It is very helpfull for me to adres some typo's to the keywords-feature option in the product database for example.

Is it possible to look into the keywords of the visitors?

Quantity Discount 5 + 1 For Free Only Per 6. But Possibility To Order 7. How To Config.

23 May 2014 - 05:48 PM

Hi, for my shop I have a quantity discount on a box of 6 bottles of wine which is 5 + 1 free. If I select a value of(-16,67%) the price is right. But it will state the price from 6+ in de webshop. Rather than per 6 = 5 + 1.

If a customers order 7 bottels it will be a discount of 16,67%

I want to configurate a situation where the customers gets a discount of 16,67% per 6. So for the first 6 bottles he pays -16,67%. For bottle number 7 the normal price counts.

I want to persuade the customers to orders in quantities of 6 but let the option open to order 7 or 8 bottles for example.

I hope someone can help me out :-)