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#253279 Failed Order Inventory Issues

Posted by jacksonsnurseries on 20 June 2016 - 09:51 AM

Just beginning to use the inventory tracking capabilities of CS-Cart (v3) but noticing little problems.


When we get a 'Failed' order in, sometimes we convert these to sales by customer contact or we call them but also just as often they just stay 'Failed' without any further status change, this however is going to cause us inventory issues because the 'Failed' order decreases stock that is never going to go back into the inventory.


Obviously we could add another 'status that puts the products back into stock by setting it to 'increase' but again I think this might also cause issues because of the potential gap between the order failing and someone manually checking and changing the order status.


I get the logic about the inventory increasing/decreasing based on previous status but I really think a 'No Action' option would be really useful, has anyone else managed to mod this themselves or got a better idea for a workaround?