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Zip/postal Code Field For Locations Not Working Properly. V4.1.1

04 April 2014 - 02:09 PM

Calling all CS Cart Professionals!

Well guys I am having a serious problem here and have spent countless hours trying to solve a problem of mine. I would love it if the community would shed a little light on this topic as I am about to pull my hair out.

Here in Florida we are required to charge State Sales Tax for purchases shipping locally of 6%. Pretty standard practice for the US. However, we are also supposed to charge a Discretionary Sales Surtax of a certain percentage based upon what county you live in. This is where my problems begin. I have read CS-Cart Manuals, I have checked the Reference Guide, as well as the Knowledge Base and not one of them really covers this problem. So I'll try to explain the best way that I can.

In order to create surtax for certain counties I am forced to create Locations, which I have done by going to Administration, Shipping & Taxes, Locations.

Posted Image

Once I have created a new location, in this example I have created "Florida: Baker County" as my location to setup. Once I have created it, it shows me in a pretty generic window what current locations I have setup. You can see below I have set up several as testers.

Posted Image

Everything is working perfect here, no problem. Now, on to the editing of the County. When I choose the county to edit I am presented with a series of boxes, that allows me to setup Countries, States, Zip/Postal Codes, Cities, and Addresses.

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Perfect! exactly what I want. I can edit the zip code field so that when the customer enters a certain zip code for that location, the correct surtax is applied. NOT!. This is where I am beating my head against a wall. Per several manuals CS-Cart says I can either A.) Use Wild Cards, or B.) Enter each zip code on a different line. Great no problem. Problem is it is only working on 2 lines!. Are you kidding me? This is crazy. So I decided to do some testing. And more testing and more testing. Regardless of any configuration that I decide to put here I get the same result. The minute I try to add a 3rd zip code on a different line, it will disable all of the zip codes I have entered and not charge any surtax.

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The moment I remove the 3rd line of zip codes, and refresh my storefront, the surtax will be added again properly.

This is a very big problem. As most of the Counties have several zip codes. I have played with the Wildcard part of things, but the same rules apply, If more than two lines appear, it seemingly cancels the entire surtax.

I have tried putting commas, semicolons, etc to try and get this to work properly. Manual states I should be able to add as many as I need, however, it simply does not work.

If anyone could shed any light on this topic it would be greatly appreciated. This is a hurdle I am having to overcome at this point and it is getting very irritating. There is little to no support for this issue as I have been to the end of Google and back and am now resorting to the Forums. I cannot be the only person experiencing this problem.

Thanks for all the help in this matter, and look forward to the replies.