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In Topic: Point of Sale (POS)

13 May 2019 - 05:19 PM

I used the demo which is an improvement from before. It still needs more work though.


I created an order and paid patially with cash and it showed the shortage on that page and then ckicked on the credit card tab which uneceassrily opens on a new page but without the balance due. I clicked back and got the number and it inputted and saved the order,  then checked it out in the back end. The order was there as a credit cad payment and staff notes had the balace paid with the card simply as the number. I understand that they cannot create new CS Cart funtionality to accept two payments types but the staff notes should have both payments noted and what type they were, not just one of the amounts with no indication what is was. It has a scaning feature which is not possible to test on the demo but it appears to be connecting to the code field on the General tab and not to a GTIN field. It can be changed to manual entry in the settings but is not mappable to the GTIN field that most people would have for Google shopping. It is also not scanable in the back end to that field which is strange as the functionaity is on the front end.


Overall it seems like a work in progress that someone has been changed on to a new project in mid flow, but it certainly is heading in the right direction but it has a bit to go before it is fully robust and useable. 

In Topic: Pos And Stock Control System And Barcode

13 May 2019 - 02:33 PM



Did you get any luck with getting a barcode and inventory system? We also used Webkul for and addon and it was no use. There POS addon worse than putting an order through the back end as normal so it is no addition. They did offer to customise it which I think is possibly their business model.

In Topic: Cart Tuning Review

14 October 2018 - 01:03 PM

Does anybody have recent experience of using Cart Tuning? Their addons appear to only be compatible up to 4.3 and the other cart platforms they used to do addons for are greyed out on their site. Their FAQ addon looks pretty good.