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In Topic: Payment Method Description To Admin Order Details Page

Today, 01:24 PM




{$order_info.payment_method.instructions nofilter}


{if $order_info.payment_info}

Note: instructions are stored in database with order data. So if you change instruction, old value will be displayed for orders which were placed before this date

In Topic: Search Url Tempelate

Today, 01:17 PM

here is minimum amount of parameters


In Topic: Why Is There No Company Registration And Vat Number In Cs-Cart?

Today, 01:12 PM

Please pay attention to our "Individual/Business Accounts" addon



In Topic: How To Activate Https On Very Old Version

Today, 01:09 PM

You are welcome!

In Topic: Import Orders -> Itemid

Today, 01:09 PM

Ok, I understand the meaning of Item_ID.


In my case I want to tranfer orders, clients, products of another eshop.


I just want my orders not to be blank (only total price) of products, but also the products to appear inside orders. I do not have any product options.

Do you think is safe to place a random(maybe) item_id inside my csv ?


Test it on the demo at first. I think, it should work. The only thing which can have issues - order management