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In Topic: Help With Variables For Pinterest Code

Today, 04:53 AM

Use Google Analytics module as example


common script in the header




order complete script




As for email., what should displayed for anonymous customers?


Also please note that { and } symbols should not be located on one string. In this case you will receive smarty error

In Topic: How to add script to head tag for certain pages only

Yesterday, 02:05 PM





In Topic: Search Dosnt Work On Website

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

Try to contact energothemes support. Looks like issue is theme related

In Topic: Sorry, It Seems That We Have No Shipping Options Available For Your Location.

Yesterday, 05:59 AM

It is required to debug the issue. Start from checking Requests logs on the Administration -> Logs page

In Topic: Vendor Names Are Not Translatable ?

Yesterday, 05:57 AM

There is no easy way to make Vendor names translatable out of the box. Code changes are required