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In Topic: Changing The Size Of The Grid For Product Lists, Full Body Size Thumbnails

Today, 06:39 AM

Looks like thumbnail height is defined in the settings. Try to set height value to empty one

In Topic: Vendor To Multi-Vendor Admin Payments. Alternatives To Paypal

Today, 06:36 AM

Check Stripe Connect



In Topic: I'm Not A Developer Question: Bug With My Menu (Js Problem)

Today, 06:35 AM

Looks like issue is linked with the 3rd party Google Tag manager module. Try to temporary disable it

In Topic: How To Safely Give Access To My Admin Dashboard To 3Rd Party Theme Developers ?

Today, 06:31 AM

Create restricted admin account for them

In Topic: How To Show Product Features Value On Pdf Invoice?

Today, 06:30 AM

Thanks for your reply. But how can I get it. I am new  on  cs Cart so now idea how to get it. Plz help me to implement it.


This is not trivial task. Hire someone to perform this modification for you.