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In Topic: How To Add A This Script To A Page Or Tab

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Looks like there a typo in your code. data-no-defer should be used in the following way

<script data-no-defer> 

In Topic: Allow Vendor To Add Variant In Product ->Features

Yesterday, 05:46 AM

Did you try to delete the var/cache directory? And what CS-Cart version do you use?

In Topic: Change Url Of View Orders

Yesterday, 05:45 AM

Try in






                'view_orders' => array(
                    'href' => 'orders.manage',
                    'alt' => 'order_management',
                    'position' => 100,




                'view_orders' => array(
                    'href' => 'orders.manage?view_id=165',
                    'alt' => 'order_management',
                    'position' => 100,


Then clear cache


(!) Not tested


P.S. It can be done with the My changes addon

In Topic: Moving To New Server - Admin Doesn't Work

Yesterday, 05:42 AM

Please check my previous post to check error message

In Topic: Address On Backend Orders Looking Weird

Yesterday, 05:41 AM

All additional profile field values are displayed under the built-in ones. It can be changed here