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In Topic: Include Php Code The Retrieve Date From Sql Into Cs-Cart Page

Today, 05:34 AM


Tony, is get_info.php just a made up example? or would it actually work?


Meaning, how would this file be called when CS-Cart is loading? My understanding is that you are limited with what's put under app/controllers/ and you can only do pre, post or override to these files. Am I wrong?


If you want to call this code on all pages, use the init.post.php file which is called for all available controllers



In Topic: Cvv Field Placement On Credit Card Checkout

Today, 05:31 AM

Actually the template is located here




Play with element positions and new CSS to change the CVV field location

In Topic: How To Place Product Title Above The Image

Today, 05:29 AM

sorry but I changed all of them and it did not help.


I am using eComLabs addon Custom H1.


Is there any way to place it above the product image?


Looks like issue is related to your 3rd party theme since it is displayed correctly on the default one




It is required to examine issue on your server

In Topic: Gdpr Compliance: Anonymize Google Analytics

Today, 05:25 AM

You can add required line of code to the following file


In Topic: How To Make A New Homepage

Today, 05:24 AM

Just change Dispatch value on old home page from index.index to index.index2