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In Topic: How Can We Add Videos In Place Of Multiple Images. Shakedeal

Yesterday, 01:55 PM

Videos are not supported out of the box. Please pay attention to 3rd party solutions. E.g. 



In Topic: Full Width Cs Cart 4.3

Yesterday, 01:53 PM

It is better to contact 3rd party theme developers with this issue. They can override default CSS styles and mentioned solution may not work due to this reason

In Topic: Paid Request - Trustpilot Integration

Yesterday, 01:52 PM

Our team is also at your service

In Topic: Updating Stock Levels Via Csv Upload?

Yesterday, 06:09 AM

Thank you for keeping us updated

In Topic: How To Count Products Found Inside The Category Page

Yesterday, 06:08 AM

You can use the following code

{$c_data = $product.main_category|fn_get_category_data}
{$c_data.product_count} {__('items_under_category')} {$c_data.category}

Note: products in subcategories are not taken into account in this case.