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In Topic: Cart-Power: Abandoned Cart And Wishlist Reminder Add-On

13 May 2019 - 07:14 AM

Hi Cart-Power,


Looking at this add-on for CS Cart. 


With the whole new checkout experience coming to CS Cart version 4.10xxx, will this add-on still work?


Are you actively testing it with the new checkout experience? 


If a customer checks out as guest and enters their email address to continue checkout (say first step of checkout), will this add-on be able to send a cart reminder to that customer? 


This would help, as 80% of abandoned carts are "unregistered without email". 

In Topic: 4.10.1 Rc Is Available—Try The New Version Before The Official Release

13 May 2019 - 05:06 AM

First of all, thank you for your feedback. I've split the post in 2 parts.

I'll list these 2 points on our internal tracking system. I can't promise that we'll address them before the final release of 4.10.1, but these look as reasonable "feature requests".

These points can already be modified easily, without any code changes.

3. That's controversial. We've collected many opinions about the checkout over the past few months, and different people had different thoughts as to what fields should come first. Both approaches have their pros and cons. That's why we added the ability to change the order of blocks via the block manager (as described here). That way, every store owner can position these blocks as he or she sees fit.

4. As far as I understand, you want to make the steps more distinct. It's possible with the block manager too. Just open the settings of the necessary blocks (via gear icons) and select H2 wrappers for them. This will add headings to particular sections of your checkout page. Headings have the same names as the blocks, and you can change those.


Thank you for the answers and very happy to see the  blocked approach so that anyone can customise it the way they want. 

In Topic: 4.10.1 Rc Is Available—Try The New Version Before The Official Release

06 May 2019 - 02:38 AM

Few notes on the new checked out based on your http://dev.demo.cs-cart.com site. 


Selecting the "Country" field erases the "City" field entered in "Delivery to" top section.
Since the "City" field is shown first a user will probably enter his city and then select country, which will create double work for them. 

Maybe country should be first as it affects the State / province / area field too. 



Tabbing to the country field and using characters to spell the name of the country causes focus to drop back onto "City" field. (should list the countries as type). 


I believe the "Customer Details" should be at the top of the checkout page and prioritised for entry. 

This allows the system to capture the customers details / email and possibly send abandoned cart recovery emails etc. 

Currently the user will enter their city,state,country and get a shipping quote, if they dont like it they will close the page. 
Since no email / phone or name has been entered you will never be able to follow up with abandoned cart recovery emails / calls. 


Shipping price / calculation can then automatically be done based on the details entered first above. 


Having everything on one page is great but the order really needs to be customer details, shipping options, payment options. 

In Topic: Shipping: Delivery Time Estimate/message Cannot Be Changed

11 February 2019 - 03:28 AM

For us the only option is to use realtime shipping rates as we have over 2000 products of varioius sizes, from small badges to large items over 2 metres long!


Before you make any changes backup your store/site etc...


You just need to edit file named Aup.php whic is located in folder:



Find these three lines:

            if (!empty($this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'])) {
                $rates['delivery_time'] = $this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'];
and comment them out using //, as below:
            //if (!empty($this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'])) {
                //$rates['delivery_time'] = $this->response['postage_result']['delivery_time'];
Thats it, now the system will default to what you put into the fields for delivery time. 

In Topic: Shipping: Delivery Time Estimate/message Cannot Be Changed

11 February 2019 - 02:12 AM

I've made the necessary code changes now to remove the realtime provider message and show the one entered by the admin... however each update this would need to be reapplied if the shipping file is changed. 


Not ideal, should really be done differently with a switch to choose which message you want to show.