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In Topic: Can't Save In Product Information

03 April 2015 - 03:32 PM

issue fixed.... I had an open HTML tag in my custom shipping language. Back to working.

In Topic: Slow saving when changing inventory in Product list.

30 March 2015 - 05:54 PM

Please check our Search Improvements module. It allows to set up search type and search fields

I'm only talking a couple seconds.. Nothing to get upset over bc it's taking too long. If it was taking minutes then maybe I'd be concerned.

In Topic: Slow saving when changing inventory in Product list.

30 March 2015 - 02:25 PM

ours will take some time if the search query for products pulls up more than a few results. If I pull up an exact match and no other product, it's saves within a second.

In Topic: Can't Save In Product Information

30 March 2015 - 01:03 PM

We have a similar problem with product order (the order on the page), we'll put in a series of numbers like 5, 10 , 15, 20 and once we've saved the changes it will it will change the numbers on us.

We have no idea whats causing it either, but we had the same problem you are having now with editing shipping properties. Cs told us it was working as intended

Our product order hasn't had any issue, yet.. (knock on wood) so it's still shown in the order we prefer it to be shown in. Our issue is also not to do with "shipping" as you mentioned unless you just mis-typed and meant shopping.. As before, it was all working fine until I needed to go back and add some additional pictures to a few new products and that's when I 1st noticed it wasn't saving. So I had to go the route of an image import file. Wasn't sure when or how this started but only changes I've made are to additional product being added on a weekly basis. I've cleared cache and change the cache name to start new folder, removed some add-ons that were disabled by uninstalling. No add-ons were installed since we started the store. I'm at a loss for why or how this started. Are there any other file modifications I can do to see if the problem gets fixed?


In Topic: Auto Hide Out Of Stock Products

24 March 2015 - 06:45 PM

Have you looked in admin panel in the following area:

SETTINGS > General > Catalog > Show Out of Stock Products (unchecked)

Does that do anything for your store?