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v4 scheme.less not recompiling

29 September 2013 - 01:42 PM

Hi, I'm trying out the trial version of cs-cart at the moment to see if it fulfils our needs. I've noticed lots of the styling is in LESS which I really like.

I've been editing the files perfectly fine, everything updates no caching issues.


editing scheme.less

I've changed line 146 which contained the colour variables.

I've changed it to

@links: #000000;

Then I went into "/var/cache/misc/statics/design/themes/basic/css" removed all the cached css files.

Rebuilt the cache via the link in the backend.

A new css file was produced.

However it still contains the old value of @links

Not a browser caching issue as I'm physically looking at the content of the css file from a text editor on the server.

Any suggestions to why the scheme.less isn't affecting the generated css would be much appreciated.