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Shipping Calulator

11 August 2016 - 09:08 AM

I noticed in previous versions of cs-cart a block that you could calculate the shipping rates before you complete your order, as a block I would say..
I am using version 4.3.5, and I would like to know if there is something similar to this. For example, inside page of checkout with the four steps, to add a block of the right sidebar, that would say calculate shipping rates in order to user know how to pay! There is exactly what I need in  the cart page, if I click on "Change" link option and pop-ups a window that could select State, region, Postal Code and click on calculate!
Is there something like this? Could I use the shipping_rates.tpl file to a hook-block to accomplished that?
thanks in advance!




Display Short Description In Block "most Popular"

09 August 2016 - 11:08 AM


I have a block in Home Page with the "most popular" products in it. I have selected the Grid View for this block..

Now, I would like to display the short Description under the Title of the product!


So, inside file: templates/blocks/list_templates/grid_list.tpl

I am trying to grab this product description value, but nothing seems to displayed.. I saw the debugger too and still did not find this value..


I am trying something like:


{assign var="index_short_desc" value=$product.short_description}





Any suggestions, help? thanks!


*cs-cart version is 4.3.9

Custom Mysql(I) Query In Cs-Cart

13 February 2016 - 09:42 AM

Helllo there,
I am working on CPanel at orders section of cs-cart.. I would like to grab the usergroup_id of the current customer I am watching the order he/she maid.
So, I have this line of code inside tpl file:
{include file="common/usergroup.tpl" id=$order_info.user_id}
usergroup.tpl is a custom file that I have create. Now, in this file I would like to create a mysql_query in order to take the usergroup of this user ($order_info.user_id) for example 54.. I have this query:
$_usergroup = db_query('SELECT usergroup_id FROM cscart_usergroup_links WHERE user_id=$id');
{if $_usergroup == 3}
How can I do this query to work?
thanks in advance!


Adding New Field In Cscart_Products Table Db

07 January 2016 - 10:14 AM

Hello everyone

Happy new year! I wish you the best to everyone


I would like to ask about an issue I have.

I have added a new field in DB at cscart_products table, called avaliability

Now, I would like to change this value for more than one products!! So, I select the products I want and Edit selected, but in the pop-up there is not this new option I have added. So my question is how can I add this new option, in order to edit massive products at once?


thanks in advance

Cdn - Content Delivery Network

10 December 2015 - 08:55 AM



We would like to use a CDN system to some of ours websites... I saw there is a feature of Amazon CDN.. Although, we would like to test a service of this kind of CDN services.. So, we check out CDN77.com

There is a problem though.. We are trying to replace evrey img links through the htaccess file! Adding some code rules to replace every img link to the one CDN77 gave us.. Does anyone have any idea or take a shot to do the same? Some of the urls was ok, but some of them not.. Any suggestions? I could give the code as an example if someone wants to try of suggest something !!!


thanks in advance!