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In Topic: Vivashop - Your Ultimate Responsive Cs-Cart Theme

16 May 2019 - 03:31 PM

Has this option been implemented in version 2.26 or do we still use the template edit provided?


Dear Cindy,
Thank you for your message. This option is planned and will be implemented in the next theme version. For the moment, in VIVAshop 2.26, you can manually implement the change by replacing the code from line 62 to line 100 with the code provided above, in the design/themes/vivashop/templates/views/categories/view.tpl file.

Kind regards,


In Topic: Vivashop Theme Bug Menu

29 April 2019 - 07:11 AM



We have some problems with Vivashop theme,

The menu All Departments is always collapsed, but it shouldn't be like that.

We have tried to reinstall theme and cs-cart several times and that doesn't helped.




Does anyone know how to fix this issue with menu? 


BEst Regards


Dear Mixstore,
Usually, the theme/addon developers are able to assist the best regarding their own product(s), that is why we, as the VIVAshop theme developers, have a specifically dedicated support center where we offer technical assistance.
Regarding your issue, there is no “bug” in the theme menu, so there’s no need to install and reinstall CS-Cart and/or the theme. All you need to do is to simply follow the instructions given in theme documentation guide in order to learn how to correctly install and configure the theme. More specifically, in section “4.7. Store customization” we explain how to set the correct layout and functionality in accordance to your chosen Skin. 
Therefore, pease make sure to follow section “4.7. Store customization” of the theme documentation guide, and, should you still need assistance please do not hesitate to open a ticket on our support platform and we’ll be happy to assist.

Kind regards,


In Topic: Vivashop - Your Ultimate Responsive Cs-Cart Theme

19 April 2019 - 04:57 PM

Dear all, 
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In Topic: Vivashop - Your Ultimate Responsive Cs-Cart Theme

29 March 2019 - 04:05 PM

Dear kogi,

Thank you for your comments. Please find below the answers to your inquiries:

Do I need a 30 day support to file a bug report?

Theme bug reports may always be sent free of charge regardless of your support subscription. We’re always happy when somebody finds a bug in our product, as this will only help us make our product better. Not only that submitting a theme bug report is free, but once a theme bug is detected we immediately proceed with fixing it, upload the fix on your server (or provide you with the necessary modified files), as well as update the theme archive in the Downloads area of your account. Theme bugs are fixed as soon as they are found simply because we do not want other existing or future customers to get the product containing bugs.

Therefore, if a theme bug is found we strongly encourage you to immediately let us know about it so that we may go ahead and fix it asap.


If Allow shopping for unlogged customers: is set to " Hide price and add to cart"
Quantity Discounts is still shown for unlogged in customers

Yes, this was indeed a theme bug. Thanks for letting us know about it. We have identified the issue and just developed the fix, as well as updated the theme archive. Therefore, you may redownload the new theme archive from the Downloads area of your account. To apply the fix to your shop please follow these steps:

1. Extract the new theme archive "viva_v2.26.zip"
2. Navigate to the folder "2.installtion_files/themes"
3. Extract the "vivashop.zip" archive
4. Upload and overwrite the file "vivashop/templates/common/product_data.tpl" to your server
5. Clear your server cache by adapting the link: yourshop.com/youradmin.php?cc&ctpl

Alternatively you may open a support ticket and we'll upload the fix for you.


If short description does not exist, Long description is displayed in the short description area, but without linebreaks

This is not a theme bug. This functionality is based on the default CS-Cart code used on the list view of the category pages. So we have just added this functionality on the product pages as well.

The entire product short description is displayed with HTML tags. If the short description is missing, then the product long description is striped of HTML tags, then truncated to a smaller size. If the tags are not stripped, then there is a high probability of leaving unclosed tags during the truncate process which will affect the rest of the page. If the long description was not truncated then the full text of the description would be displayed and this could be very long for some products.

Kind regards,

In Topic: Vivashop - Your Ultimate Responsive Cs-Cart Theme

18 March 2019 - 11:22 AM




Is it possible to disable the category left right arrow and have it same as energot?

pic attached



Dear kogi,
Thank you for your message. In the next VIVAshop theme version we will implement a new theme option so you may change the way subcategories are displayed. For the moment please open a ticket on our support center here and we’ll be happy to assist.

Kind regards,