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In Topic: Sql Cscart_Shipments Problem

25 November 2018 - 08:24 AM

Thank you for your reply. But real time visitor number isn't important. Because website has full http cache.
For example website has 50 real time visitors. when 2 personnels quickly have a look at order details page on admin panel and click new shipment button, sql locks itself again. and then MySQLProcesses.txt list we added in previous message is created. But when we don't do any process on admin panel not even 500-1000 real time visitors become problem.

In Topic: Mobile Chrome Problem

06 October 2018 - 08:19 AM

Thank you for your reply.
We have a call center. We have almost 10 personnels receiving orders by telephone. They all connect by same ip number. If we change the value below does it create any problem for our personnels?
// Session options
// define('SESS_VALIDATE_IP', true); // link session ID with ip address
define('SESS_VALIDATE_UA', true); // link session ID with user-agent
our SESSION_ALIVE_TIME value s like the one below
// Session live time
define('SESSION_ALIVE_TIME', SECONDS_IN_HOUR * 2); // 2 hours
Besides the problem we mentioned above, it doesn't exist on all telephones, only same of them

In Topic: Emoji Problem.

07 April 2018 - 09:46 AM

How can we block using emojis in fields section ?

In Topic: Emoji Problem.

05 April 2018 - 11:59 AM


When we do this process, you say it should fix fields,  right?
1. Open the app/Tygh/Database/Connection.php file.
2. Find this part of the code:
if (empty($params['names'])) {
     $params['names'] = 'utf8';
3. Replace it with:
if (empty($params['names'])) {
     $params['names'] = 'utf8mb4';
4. Change the collations of the relevant columns from utf8_general_ci to utf8mb4_general_ci. For example, to be able to save emojis in email templates, I had to alter the collation of the subject and template columns in the cscart_template_emails table.

In Topic: Category Link On Product Page

01 March 2018 - 01:51 PM

It worked. Thanks



Please try

<a href="{"categories.view?category_id=`$product.main_category`"|fn_url}">{__('all')|captitalize} {$product.main_category|fn_get_category_name}</a>