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In Topic: Always "Please sign in to buy" 306 -> 402

24 November 2013 - 06:56 PM

I have submitted this issue to the "Bug Tracker" which can be followed here: http://forum.cs-cart...ot-working-403/

In Topic: Always "Please sign in to buy" 306 -> 402

23 November 2013 - 03:28 AM

I am having the same issue all of a sudden on 4.0.3. Can't get it to allow customers to add products to the cart unless they are logged in.

I have Settings -> General -> Allow shopping for unlogged customers set to "Allow" and have tried clearing the cache, template cache and tested it in multiple browsers as well.

I too tried to import some products via .csv ( I should mention that the import failed also ). Could this have been the cause of this random issue? and if so, does anyone have any thoughts on how to resolve this?

In Topic: How To Go Flat With 4.0.2?

23 October 2013 - 02:27 PM

The way to achieve this is by overriding the css classes using my_changes. In topic http://forum.cs-cart...ed/page__st__40 you can find some scattered information about the my_changes addon. Unfortunattely the documention how to use this addon is not available yet for version 4.

I use firebug to determine which classes I want to changes and add them to styles.css or dropdown.css (for menu styles) located in design/themes/[theme_path]/css/addons/my_changes/

So for the sideboxes and dialog screens I add to styles.css

.ui-dialog, .
.sidebox-wrapper > .sidebox-title {
	background: whatever I like;

So for the topmenu I add to dropdown.css
ul.dropdown-multicolumns {
	background: whatever I like;

Hopefully this will get you on your way.

You may need to pre-fix yourr CSS rules with "#tygh_main_container" or some other specific value to override the default CSS. 4.0.2 was supposed to fix this, but the two versions I have installed still work wonky.

For instance:

#tygh_main_container ul.dropdown-multicolumns {
	  background: whatever I like;

In Topic: 4.0.2 Bootstrap16 & 12 CSS Files Not Used Anymore?

20 October 2013 - 01:29 AM

Here's what I heard from support. Have not tried it yet:

I should inform you that version 4.0.2 allows you to set up a fluid layout in the administration panel. Please take the following steps:

1. Go to the Design > Layouts page in your CS-Cart administration panel.
2. There will be the Gear button in the top right corner. Click on it and select Edit layout.
3. In the Layout width select box select Fluid
4. Specify the minimal and maximal width.
5. Click Save to apply the changes.

I saw this feature in the admin, but that is not actually responsive. It will not change the layout or template(s) on mobile devices as accurately as it could. Fluid layouts are based on proportions, laying out your website so elements take up the same percent of space on different screen sizes, while a responsive design uses CSS media queries to present different layouts based on screen sizes or the device that is accessing the site.

I too received a reply from the help desk and the response I received stated the following information:

"Unfortunately, the Responsive Layout feature is not implemented in CS-Cart version 4.0.2. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

You can try making such a layout by yourself with the help of this article: http://getbootstrap....html#responsive or we can offer you the customization services offered by our affiliate company Simtech Development Ltd.

I would like to inform you that reorganization took place in our company and now our Custom Development department acts as a separate legal entity. Their company name is Simtech Development Ltd and the website is www.simtechdev.com."

While I appreciate the response I am a tad aggravated that the CS-Cart team just changes things non-stop without any user notification, changing from straight CSS to LESS for example, it's all well and good, but a little heads up before the release of 4.0.2 would have been nice so developers could plan accordingly. Also why now of all times, when mobile ecommerce is on the rise (and by that I mean skyrocketing) would you not move forward with this feature or dare I say improve on it? While most companies are going mobile first, CS-Cart seems to be going the opposite direction which is very disconcerting to me.

As disappointed as I am in this missing feature I know I have the skillset to make my clients sites responsive, even without it as a CS-Cart feature. I guess what has me worried is what they will change/drop next without notice, a little feedback or an email to developers / customers would go a long way to saving our sanity not to mention encourage us to work with CS-Cart further.

In Topic: 4.0.2 Install Fails Silently

15 October 2013 - 02:29 PM

I'm having the same issue and I tried doing what you said, but it still doesn't work.

Sorry to hear that Knoxburry, try reviewing all of your permissions... Files, database user(s), everything... You could even call your host and have them double check them just to make sure all of the permissions took the change, especially if you are using an FTP program to change the file permissions...