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Product Filters Grayed Out, Not Selectable - Version 3

26 September 2013 - 02:34 PM

We have been trying to determine why products filtres are grayed out and unselectable on our site.

We have a large site with 6000+ products, 700 + features and lots of filters. For example, our 'length' feature for boxes has 83 variations alone.

We have a Cardboard Box Category on our web site. There 90+ products, and each product has it's length, width, height as a feature and filter.


The very first box on the page is 3 x 3 x 2.

When you look the source code for the 'height' filter check box, some are have a class element class="filter-item have a html link built in:

<a href="/shipping-and-packaging/boxes-and-cartons/corrugated-mailing-boxes/?items_per_page=96&amp;subcats=Y&amp;features_hash=V6304" rel="nofollow" class="filter-item cm-ajax cm-ajax-full-render" rev="product_filters_*,products_search_*,category_products_*,product_features_*,breadcrumbs_*,currencies_*,languages_*">27 1/2 inches&nbsp;<span class="details">&nbsp;(2)</span></a>

But others have a class tag that says the element is disabled. The filter variant '3', for example:

<a rel="nofollow"[b] class="filter-item disabled" [/b]rev="product_filters_*,products_search_*,category_products_*,product_features_*,breadcrumbs_*,currencies_*,languages_*">3 inches&nbsp;</a>

Why are some filters just disabled?

I have increased the elements per page to 5000.
I have changed this line in the config.php file to eveything from 1 to 5000:


I have used the Clear Cache features countless times.

But regardless of what I do, it fails to bring in every filter for that category, as well as others.

It there another variable to change that will allow us to use these?

It -item disabled
filter-item disabled

Why can't I post a new topic or reply to a post in 'Troubleshooting'?

27 August 2013 - 09:04 PM

The title says it all...Why can't I post a new topic or reply to a post in 'Troubleshooting'?



Cloning Page / Block Layout is Not Cloned

30 April 2013 - 07:48 PM

Good afternoon all,

We are on version 3.06 professional.

We have 2 basic page layouts: A 'default' page with a left rail, and a secondary page with no rail. I am trying to create a new page with the secondary layout (no rails)

Under Website Content, I select a page that has the layout I want (no rails), and click 'Clone Page'.

The new page is generated, but it replaces uses the 'default' layout with the left rail.

How can I create or clone a page with a different block layout?

Thanks in advance,