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#342444 Paypal Returns Customer To Login Screen

Posted by HappyFruitBat on 16 September 2021 - 11:10 AM

Has anyone else experienced difficulties with the customer being returned to the login screen following a successful PayPal payment?
CS-Cart version is 4.9.3.SP1
1) We installed the PayPal Payments add-on (the standard one that ships with CS-Cart).
2) We configured a PayPal payment method (just PayPal standard)
3) We proceed through checkout and completed payment within PayPal (test mode / sandbox)
4) We click "Return to Merchant" but are returned to the customer login screen when we would have expected an order confirmation?
Looking at the Apache logs I can see an initial request to the order confirmation page:
GET /index.php?dispatch=checkout.complete&order_id=1234 HTTP/1.1" 302
But we can see that 302 redirects to the login screen:
GET /index.php?dispatch=auth.login_form&return_url=index.php%3Fdispatch%3Dcheckout.complete
Is this a known bug, or working as intended? Any assistance appreciated.

#192116 Searchandise Stopped Working

Posted by HappyFruitBat on 12 September 2014 - 10:48 AM

Hi Clips and kmolchanov,

Thank you both for your replies.

Useful to know when the fault is not on our side as it saves many hours debugging!

As of this morning all of the sites statuses have changed from "no products" to either "up to date" (and searchandise is working) or index pending (and hopefully it will start workingn again soon).

So seems like whatever the problem was they have fixed it.

And thank you kmolchanov for your suggestion regarding the support form, we've noted that and will use that in future.


#160152 Performance issues with database queries

Posted by HappyFruitBat on 17 April 2013 - 10:43 PM

In early version 2 sites the cache system was still very much under development if I remember right.

But In general I've found later version 2 sites (2.4/2.5) to perform well.

That having been said I don't doubt there are some slow queries in there.

But nothing that can't be mitigated by combination of CS-Cart's native cache and MySQL query cache.

You just have to debug these things to get a feel for what's going on.

For example are we dealing with a busy site, where a few bad queries are hogging MySQL threads for a long period of time, causing otherwise simple queries to wait on an available MySQL connection?

There's a command called mysqltop (or is it mytop, I forget) which will give you a good insight in to what's going on with MySQL.

Bear in mind that it's not unusual to have a few slow queries logged, because even if subsequently cached any distinct heavy query will naturally still be heavy the first time it's run, before it's cached.

But if the same heavy query remains heavy all the time then perhaps it's too big to fit in the MySQL Query cache.

And so we mitigate that by adjusting cache settings.

Of course if your app doesn't close connections then that will cause problems, only mitigation is very low mysql timeout, but that's a hack, better fixed within the application.