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Expert Help Needed With Google Shopping

15 June 2018 - 05:40 PM



We are in urgent need of services related to Google Shopping, an Adwords Campaign.

Who can guide us through these steps and help us setup a working Google Datafeed from the products in our webstore and help us also with an Adwords Campaign.

Please contact me via PM

Landing Page After Placing Order - How To.. Diy?

31 May 2018 - 12:59 PM

Does anyone know how to create a special landing page for orders that are finalized by the customer?

I am looking to add some nescessary content for the customer who finalizes his / her order.

When by default you finalize your order  you are being served



Now I would like to add more information that should go above the text

Congratulations! Your order has been succesfully placed. Order details


...etc etc.



Showing Correct Retail Price For Other Option? Improvement Of Cs-Cart Sorely Needed!

16 May 2018 - 12:15 PM

The title says it all I believe.

Ever since we started using CS-cart it has been a source of discontent for me that we can NOT show the correct discount relative to the suggested retail price for the OTHER option.


Most of our products for which we offer options, do NOT differ in colour but in size or if they differ in form have different retail prices as well! 

While more expensive in absolute sense, a larger-sized product is much more economical in price when you do the math. 


Ever since we started with CS-cart I have had the problem of choosing which of the 2 to show. 

Showing the larger size as a lead product and deduct the smaller sized product from it as an option, results in 
1 a seemingly much larger discount-% relative to the 'new' retail price (which isn't the correct SRP!)

2 people freaking out who want the smaller size as they think the price is for the smaller product


We now switched to the other side of the coin and show the LOWER priced product as the 'default' and ADD the price for the more economical size., this however results in 

1 a seemingly much SMALLER discount % relative to the imaginary SRP (again, this is not the correct SRP)
2 people freaking out who want the larger size as they think the discount is way too small and we are being nasty! 

I thought to remove the SRP/retail price and actually went ahead for some products, but then it seems we don 't offer a discount at all and we are penny-pinchers too (which is far from the truth) 

I'm almost wanting to separate them again but am warned not to do this as it would be negative for SEO when you have 99% identical products that only differ in size and price. 


Please advice!  To me this has always seemed to be a huge bug .
TIA, Yvana

Simtech Access Restriction Addon Fails To Install

17 March 2018 - 11:27 PM

I have upgraded our store to the latest iteration of CS Cart (V4.7.2SP2 but cannot install access restriction. Did any of you experience the same issue, a week ago we did not have this issue.





Updating Profile Shipping & Billing Address "same Billing/ Shipping Address"

13 March 2018 - 01:27 PM

Until recently I did not encounter this issue but when a customer did NOT tick off "

                             Are shipping and billing addresses the same? "

and the addresses are a 100% match, we normally change it to YES. 
This is no longer possible in a customer account. 

Right after submitting the form the checkbox cannot be reverted to YES and make shipping and billing addresses the same.

The reverse is also true, when we experiment and change a YES to no and use a different shipping address with a NO, it will revert back to YES


What could be wrong here?


(edited by Yvana)