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In Topic: Nofollow On Filters

17 June 2018 - 10:55 PM

Actually nofollow or noindex is the best practice for products filter pages according to current standards.


How do you do that in CS Cart, while being on V4.7.4?

In Topic: Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Json-Ld For Seo

17 June 2018 - 04:15 PM

I made some more changes to this addon specifically to the SearchAction.  I don't know why everyone cannot get on the same page so this can be less confusing but in some aspects, Google and Schema.org have contradicting info but I am going with Google's info since that is ultimately whom we are trying to please right?


These are the changes I made according to the info provided here https://developers.g...links-searchbox.


I changed "query" to "search_term_string" and I also changed the search link from "products.search?q=" to "?subcats=Y&pcode_from_q=Y&pshort=Y&pfull=Y&pname=Y&pkeywords=Y&search_performed=Y&dispatch=products.search&q=" because "products.search?q=" does not return any direct results.


What file did you amend and which lines of code?

In Topic: Expert Help Needed With Google Shopping

15 June 2018 - 06:59 PM

By the way I know of one previous thread


That covers this topic as well. However the thread is from 2014 and the last remark seems to contradict tthe solution offered by the Google Datafeed instructions provided by CS Cart while on V4.7.4

In Topic: Add-Ons By Simtech Development: Json-Ld For Seo

15 June 2018 - 05:32 PM



Did you check at www.woorank.com or just in some extension?


I did a check with a Woorank browser extension Oleg.

Upon your remark I just did a second check at www.woorank.com and now the Facebook page is recognized. So I guess this solves the issue, a extension bug nothing else.

On the other hand testing our site at www.woorank.com the report says that we do not make use of a mobile framework nor that we have implemented AMP, the latter is true I guess while we make use of Simtech's Dev Google AMP Pages which I presume only serves product pages not the homepage. But not using a mobile framework what does that mean for our ranking?

In Topic: Landing Page After Placing Order - How To.. Diy?

11 June 2018 - 09:18 PM

Thanks, I will get started with your "resolution" asap. Just having to get around some other issues concerning my home page canonical issues.