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Add-On: Svg Images

15 October 2020 - 01:09 PM



We are glad to introduce our add-on to you - SVG images.


The add-on adds the support of SVG images loading all over the store. Such images have better loading speed, so, this new functionality has good influence on SEO speeding up your store loading.



- Scalability - SVG format of images is preferred to use during responsive website creation because of its resolution-independence. It means that such images can be scaled to any dimension without quality loosing.

- This format has small file size because of good compression capability. So, the usage of SVG files impacts a store’s download speed accelerating it.

- Good compression.

- Easily editable – this format allows to set necessary colors, shadows, blur and other effects.

- SVG format is supported by all modern browsers.

- You can use any text editor during the working with SVG format.


You can read more details here.


Sincerely yours,

Add-On: Lazy Images

15 October 2020 - 01:00 PM



We’d like to introduce our add-on to you– Lazy images.


CS-Cart loads all images of the page at once. With the help of our add-on images will start downloading only after they become visible on the screen and not in advance. This functionality allows downloading less content during the initial page loading thus speeds up the store. As a result Google page speed insights index will be increased.


It is well-known fact that users do not always scroll to the bottom of the page. Another result of our add-on’s work is reducing the load on the server, making it possible not to request needless images from the server.


You can read more details and try demo here.


Sincerely yours,