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#312223 Add-On: Smart Pop-Up Manager

Posted by CS-Market on 13 February 2019 - 10:43 AM

The 'Smart pop-up manager' add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.9.3.

#286803 Add-On: Product Stickers

Posted by CS-Market on 23 October 2017 - 12:04 PM

We’d like to announce the new version of our bestseller - “Product Stickers” add-on.


New autostickers:

- In stock

- Returnable

- Age verification  

- Weight 



Stickers by features:


Now you can assign stickers for the whole feature




or for each specific variant of the feature.



#269287 Best Practice Uninstalling And Removing An Addon Cs Cart V4.3.x

Posted by CS-Market on 26 January 2017 - 12:02 PM

It is enought to uninstall the add-on via administrative back-end. The system will not use it after this action, so, there is no neccessity in delete packages from the server. 
If you want to delete packages from app / addons folder  firstly uninstall the add-on via administrative back-end. The files of add-on are located not only at app / addons, but also at other folders. Deleting files does not help to clear space on the server. 

#253962 Promotions Set By Percentage But Limit Discount Amount

Posted by CS-Market on 30 June 2016 - 10:15 AM


You can get this result using the following instruction:
1)Please, create the promotional campaign#1:
add card promotions => add the 'Order subtotal' with condition 'less 1000' => Bonuses => add bonus => add the 'Order discount' with condition 'by percentage of original price 10' 
2) Please, create the promotional campaign#2:
add card promotions => add the 'Order subtotal' with condition 'equal or greater 1000' => Bonuses => add bonus => add the 'Order discount' with condition 'by fixed amount  100'
Sincerely yours,

#236601 Disable Thumbnail Gallery

Posted by CS-Market on 04 December 2015 - 10:39 AM

You're flash CS-Market! Thanks.


You are welcome! We are always happy to help  :)

#236594 Disable Thumbnail Gallery

Posted by CS-Market on 04 December 2015 - 09:29 AM

vers. 4.3.4

I don't want extra photos to be scrolled on thumbnails so how can i remove the scrolling arrows on thumbnails?  




In order to remove this scrolling arrows open the "design/themes/responsive/templates/blocks/list_templates/grid_list.tpl" file and find 46 line. Then replace this code:

{include file="views/products/components/product_icon.tpl" product=$product show_gallery=true}

by this one:

{include file="views/products/components/product_icon.tpl" product=$product show_gallery=false}

Sincerely yours,


#236406 Options & Inventory

Posted by CS-Market on 02 December 2015 - 09:57 AM



I need to have a function that it is for " made to order" 

can anyone help?


basically so customer can still buy when there is no inventory and the stock is made in 1-2 days turn around time


how do i have this option? the buy in advance doesnt seem to work, as it is available after the sale is made and it has been made. We do not want to hold onto a surplus of stock.



In order to do it go to Admin panel ->Settings -> General and check the "Allow negative amount in inventory" setting. 
Sincerely yours,
CS-Market team .

#235988 40% Discount! Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sale At Cs-Market!

Posted by CS-Market on 26 November 2015 - 11:13 PM

Dear friends!


We are glad to start a big sale and offer you 40% discount on all our add-ons


The promotion starts today November, 27 and ends on December, 1.

Use this promo code during the checkout: CyberMonday2015

Sincerely yours,

#217226 Foxrent.pl

Posted by CS-Market on 04 June 2015 - 08:49 AM


Check the image on the following page http://www.foxrent.p...cy-bezgotowkowo it is not displayed.

Sincerely yours,

#215636 Опции Товара

Posted by CS-Market on 25 May 2015 - 08:54 AM

Сразу возник первый вопрос - как убрать со страницы товара скобки с ценой?

Добрый день,

Вам необходимо перейти в Настройки -> Общие и убрать галочку "Показывать модификаторы опций товаров".

С уважением,

#215628 Изменение Кнопок Просмотра Заказа

Posted by CS-Market on 25 May 2015 - 08:40 AM

Добрый день,

Вам необходимо открыть следующий файл 'design/backend/templates/views/orders/details.tpl' и заменить эту строку:

{include file="common/view_tools.tpl" url="orders.details?order_id="}

на эти:
<div class="btn-group prev-next">
	<a class="btn cm-tooltip {if !$view_tools.next_id}disabled{/if}" {if $view_tools.next_id}href="{"orders.details?order_id=`$view_tools.next_id`"|fn_url}" title="{if $view_tools.links_label}{$view_tools.links_label}{if $view_tools.show_item_id} #{$view_tools.next_id}{/if}{else}{__("next")}{/if}"{/if}> <i class="icon-chevron-left"></i> </a>
	<a class="btn cm-tooltip {if !$view_tools.prev_id}disabled{/if}" {if $view_tools.prev_id}href="{"orders.details?order_id=`$view_tools.prev_id`"|fn_url}" title="{if $view_tools.links_label}{$view_tools.links_label}{if $view_tools.show_item_id} #{$view_tools.prev_id}{/if}{else}{__("prev_page")}{/if}"{/if}><i class="icon-chevron-right"></i></a>

С уважением,

#214922 Add-On: Product Stickers

Posted by CS-Market on 19 May 2015 - 11:40 AM

Dear friends!

We are really happy to announce that the new version of the "Product stickers" add-on is released and compatible with CS-Cart v.4.3.1! In this version you will find many new amazing features that will be useful for your store such as:

Autostickers and the ability to display stickers only on Products or Categories or Everywhere

Posted Image
Ability to add stickers to several products at once via “Global update”

Posted Image

Stickers can be exported via Export page

Posted Image

More suitable way of adding stickers to a product via Stickers’ picker

Posted Image

Ability to set the timeframe during what a sticker will be displayed

Posted Image

Ability to upgrade the add-on via Administration panel

Posted Image

You are welcome to read more details and also purchase the add-on here.

Sincerely yours,

#212460 Layout On Product Page

Posted by CS-Market on 23 April 2015 - 01:13 PM


The additional development is required here. Please contact us if you are interested.

Sincerely yours,

#212170 Modifying The Cs Cart Responsive Theme

Posted by CS-Market on 21 April 2015 - 09:19 AM


To hide the sidebar it is necessary to add the 'visible-desktop' class to sidebar grid in Block Manager (Design -> Layouts). In order to show it on the right just move sidebar grid to the right in Block Manager (Design -> Layouts -> Categories tab).

Sincerely yours,

#212165 How To Sort The Database By Date

Posted by CS-Market on 21 April 2015 - 08:54 AM

After this code addition backups will be sorted by date. This code doesn't add sort direction to the backup page similar as to the product page.

Sincerely yours,