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#157256 Change Font for Emails?

Posted by Wilko on 08 March 2013 - 09:57 AM

This is an old post but cannot see that anything has changed since?

There should be an easy way to globally set the default font-face and font-size for ALL HTML emails. For a) general users of a shopping cart, digging into and editing templates is not their forte and requires passing this task and ££'s to a third party or B) for in-house developers, an awful lot of time to undertake what should be a straightforward Admin form item:

Default Font For All Emails: Arial, Verdana, whatever...
Default Font Size For All Emails: 10px, 11px, 12px. whatever...

If this has been addressed anywhere, I haven't found it yet!

#155665 Add to Cart not working

Posted by Wilko on 18 February 2013 - 01:03 PM

Ok - CS-Cart Support really quick and helpful on this on the Help Desk!

Because I MUST keep old rubbish site live whilst building CS-Cart in the background I have had to keep an index.html in doc root. It is the existence of this index file which is causing me grief and I just need to to clone it into store_closed.html

My only problem though, now thinking about this after support's message is that as soon as I do this all current visitors will see the 'www.domain.com/store_closed.html' URL in their browser.

Mm.. thinking cap on... my re-direct knowledge bit rusty - have asked support if I can build and test in a sub-directory which I can restrict access to then implement a re-direct to go live...

Anyhow, main thing is I know what's causing the add to cart problem!