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    RC2 Installation problem

    Posted 19 Jun 2013

    When you try to install RC2 and write a wrong database name which does not exist then after clicking "Install" a small windows just pops and then disappears but no error is show. It should show the error about nonexistent database. I was able to install CsCart thanks to enabling debug and turning off javascript, then actually seeing the error when I clicked Install.

    RC1 - Clean install store problems

    Posted 6 Jun 2013

    After clean install of the new Cs-Cart 4.0.1 rc1 (this also applies to beta4, beta3 and beta2 as far as I've tried) I have a problem with the default store. It does not show any logo on the storefront and in admin when I click on edit it acts like it is trying to create a new storefront but with all the store data filled. There are buttons to "Create" and "Create and Close" instead of "Save" and "Save and Close".
    It is impossible to edit the default storefront through the administration. When I change the address to something different in MySql then the original address still works even when it is not connected to any storefront! I can see some shop, also without any logo but there is a slight change in the design: The header has a background as opposite to when the default storefront is set to the address.
    Finally only thing that works for now is adding another storefront in admin and setting the address to the address which was meant to be default one. I am able to work with the second storefront just like I expected it should work.
    Please, investigate this as it is very important. I am using English language, NO demo data and the same bug applies for MySQLi and PDO DB layers.
    This is not done on any local installation but on server where Cs-Cart 3.0.6 works flawlessly with using real domain names without secure connection.