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#145835 How to Remove/Change/edit Header and Footer of Checkout Pages v3

Posted by profs77 on 26 September 2012 - 11:50 PM

It seems in Cs Cart v3, the header and footer remains the same from page to page. I wanted a custom header and footer. I prefer the header so that their is no navigation menu, and header to be smaller. There seems to be no way to disable it from the admin panel. If you go to Design > Blocks then click "checkout", it might say something like:

"This container is NOT used. Top container from the default location will be used instead. Set this location as default to use this container as top for all locations."

When you're on the checkout page, check the URL parameter to see which location_id belongs to the checkout. It might say something like selected_location=9, in my case my location_id is 9.

You must have a database administration tool like phpMyAdmin. You should have your database backed up incase something goes wrong. In phpMyAdmin go to cscart_bm_containers table. Look for the containers you wish to get rid of based on your location_id. I got rid of my TOP container and BOTTOM container.

Next if you wish to create your own header/footer for the checkout. Go to Design > Blocks in the admin panel. Click on checkout. Add a new block or two for the header, and a new block or two for the footer. You can put them in their own seperate containers if you wish.