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    Seo Addon - Other Seo Url Format Is Not Working Properly

    Posted 10 Mar 2015

    SEO addon - Other SEO URL format is not working properly

    When I select “Other SEO URL format: /item” in SEO add-on; nothing has changed in front-end.

    What exactly this option (/item) should do?

    In my current cs-cart v4.2.1, this option selected with "/item” activates extension-less URLs. The URLs without “.html” and “/” forward slashes.


    FYI, I have tested demo installed at http://forum.cs-cart...post__p__205049

    Can't Install Cs-Cart V4.3.1 Beta

    Posted 9 Mar 2015

    My beta installation is stoked at the following page:

    CS-Cart is not installed. Please click here to start the installation process: [install]

    When clicked on "install" the page regenerates additional paths as following:


    Fyi, i have cs-cart v4.2 installed on the same server.