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#248122 Smtp - Office 365

Posted by Amir_de_odience on 14 April 2016 - 07:59 AM


[SOLVED] ! Details here:


To resolve the issue " Mailer Error: SMTP Error: Data not accepted. ", 

Check all connection settings to be set properly:

Host: outlook.office365.com:587

User: user1@example.com

Pass: secretpassword

Use Encrypted Connection: TLS


SMTP Authentification: Checked


Make sure that the user "user1@example.com" set above has the "Send As" permissions set (in Office365 administration panel), for the store administrations email account set in "CS-Cart > Settings > Company" .


For example: user1@example.com should be allowed to send emails from mystoreadmin@example.com in Office365 exchange settings.

#146210 FREE addon: Accordion Menu (improved)

Posted by Amir_de_odience on 02 October 2012 - 08:29 PM

Hi there,
So your add-on expands and contracts each level of the categories menu without having to reload the page?

Does it support auto-closing a category when another category is opened? (i.e. a setting to turn it on/off so that categories stay open until close manually or auto closed when another category selected to expand.)

Will purchase if I can confirm no page reload is required. :)

Of course no page reload is needed for expanding/contracting levels of the categories menu, keep in mind that oAccordion Categories supports up to 5 levels down of nested categories.

It supports auto closing, menu state saving with cookies, auto expanding on page load, fully close on mouse out and more other options. I updated the product description on the product page: https://www.odience....egories-en.html

Just check the admin page for all the options available:

Posted Image

#146056 [ADDON] Back To Top CS-Cart 3, with 9 themes!

Posted by Amir_de_odience on 01 October 2012 - 12:07 AM

I made a new ADDON for CS-Cart 3.x called "odience To Top", it adds a nice and cool "back to top" button to your store.

It comes with 9 built-in themes, and gives you full control over its behaviour.

It's based on jQuery, and uses optimized images, css and js files.

No core modification, a standard and well coded ADDON.

Posted Image

(below the watermark, there is another black arrow, :D )

Check it out working at: https://www.odience.net/market/

or go directly to the addon's page: odience To Top for CS-Cart 3.+

Tell me your feedback please.