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Issues I've Posted

    Page layout disappears in features

    Posted 31 May 2013

    >Goto page 2 of features
    >Click previous

    Page layout wil dissapear

    Price list add-on

    Posted 7 May 2013

    The price list add-on doesn't work with the pdf-layout, it does work with excel. PDF layout will display empty cells

    Warning acces denied and reload....

    Posted 6 May 2013

    Log in as the main administrator
    --> Customers --> User groups
    --> Edit administrator

    {Warning acces denier}
    Pages keeps reloading

    I'm not 100% sure if this is the source code or my localhost however it shouldn't happen.

    News is placed with a date in the future

    Posted 6 May 2013

    For example next sunday I wan't to place a new article in the 'News' content on my website so I change the article date to 13 may 2013 a date in the future. However the article will be placed immediately with the wrong date and not on sunday instead.

    Can't create new language variable or language

    Posted 6 May 2013

    It seems that, I can't create a new language, and other languages then English aren't installed as default.

    -> Administration
    -> Languages
    -> Create new language

    {green message}

    No new language