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Optimal settings for thumbs and detailed images

08 May 2013 - 05:25 AM

Hi All,
Two questions:
1. Can anyone recommend best CS-Cart image/thumb settings (for detailed images in particular) to keep image size under control whilst maintaining quality? I've attached a screenshot of my current settings. Any improvement appreciated.
Attached File  thumbs.png   65KB   117 downloads
2. To align with the above mentioned settings, using Xnconvert, I am resizing existing detailed images to 800x800 (fit) which should retain plenty of detail. I'll have to do this to logo files and variant images as well.
I assume I should not have to resize thumbnails, as CS Cart will do this for me? If it doesn't do this, I will resize thumbs to 320x320 fit. I assume all the thumbs are in the same folder, hence I shouldn't go for 110x110 as this will shrink the images used for product detail pages.

I'm a MVE user and some vendors tend to upload whatever they have.. The means lots of 2MB DSLR pics. My image directory had blown out to 830MB excluding the 'backup' dir. The best one I found? A 7.3MB image that was inside a 320x320 thumbnail folder.


Local install - can't login to admin

23 April 2013 - 01:12 AM

Hi All,

This time, it just doesn't want to work.

Ran a local install of 3.06 MVE on a MAMP setup. Now I have the customer facing site working, but the admin page just redirects back to itself when I login with the supplied credentials (admin email address, pword admin).

I've tried different browsers, clearing cache and even importing my production DB over the local install (and logging in with my normal production login).

Where would I even see any errors generated? All I've got in the apache log is a very boring missing favicon:

[Tue Apr 23 10:20:08 2013] [error] [client] File does not exist: /Users/username/repos/favicon.ico, referer:

Funny thing is.. favicon.ico does exist in the shop dir...

I have created MAMP/htdocs as a symlink to my git repo, of which shop is a sub dir.. perhaps that is causing a problem?

Any tips?

Problem turning Quick view in to Buy Now

10 January 2013 - 03:49 AM

Hi All,

We are trying to show another custom quick view button to approximate a 'Buy now' action in the product category list. The button is intended to have the same functionality as the quick view that appears over a products thumbnail. see buy now button in screenshot 1. As we aren't big fans of the hover over button, we will then disable this.

We've hit a few snags however.
- The "Buy Now" button mirrors a particular product's "Quick View" button.
- Clicking on the "Buy Now" button shows that particular products quick view pop up.

- Where we're having issues is at the point where we've hit the pop up window's "Add to Cart" button and we expect the the quantity of items in the header's "Your Cart" dropdown to increment and add the price to the existing subtotal.

For whatever reason, the javascript that updates the "You Cart" drop down doesn't work if you click the "Buy Now" button first.

If you click the products "Quick View" button and add a product using that pop up and then do the same using the "Buy Now". Then the "Your Cart" gets updated with the latest cost and quantity.

Any ideas?

Here's the code snippet in product_multicolumns_list.override.tpl

<!-- product-buttons -->
   <div class="product-buttons">
    <a href="{"products.view?product_id=`$product.product_id`"|fn_url}" class="product-button-more-info" title="More Info">More Info</a>
[color=#ff0000]    {if !$show_add_to_cart}
	 <div class="buttons-container">
	  <a id="opener_product_picker_{$product.product_id}" class="cm-dialog-opener cm-dialog-auto-size product-button-buy-now ir" rev="product_quick_view_{$product.product_id}" href="{"products.quick_view?product_id=`$product.product_id`&prev_url=`$current_url`"|fn_url}">{$lang.quick_view}</a>
    {if $show_add_to_cart}
	 <div class="buttons-container">
	  {assign var="add_to_cart" value="add_to_cart_`$obj_id`"}
   <!-- /product-buttons -->

Better (i think) category navigation

05 December 2012 - 03:25 AM

Hi All,

My site makes use of a 1st level navigation bar set to display top level categories (Top Nav) and a 2nd level navigation menu on the left hand side of all pages excepting the home page. See screenshot attached.

On category pages (ie. those linked from the 1st level nav), I would like this 2nd level nav to include the subcategories for the currently selected category. Ie. if you look at the screenshot, the left nav shouldn't show clothing, sleepy time, bath time, etc - these are already accessible from top nav. It should show baby, boys, girls, shoes, etc.

The problem is, both default CS-Cart nav styles show all categories. I'm not a fan of the hover either is at can be tricky on touch screens and easy to lose were you are.

Is there any way to set the category block so that it will look at the categories one level down from the currently selected category in top menu?