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Short Description Always Blank

20 November 2015 - 09:27 PM

Hi, I am trying to display the short discription on my category pages. In previous V3xx this worked fine. But, for new version 4.3.4 "$product.short_description" is always blank? I have added following lines to the tpl files I want the short description to appear in:

{$product.short_description nofilter}

But, nothing is displayed. Have checked in debugger, and "$product.short_description" template variable is always blank.


Do I have to enable "$product.short_description" to be populated with data somewhere? Seems like the php code is not copying the short description to this variable.

Is Localization Still Supported

25 October 2015 - 11:44 PM

Hi, I am upgrading my store. Used localization in previous version to show selected banners in some countries, and not others. For example, when customer is from Australia, will ship "Free shipping above AUD50" and other banners. Seems like localization is however not supported any more? Is this correct?


Seems like can still enable it in "config.local.php" file. Can someone please let me know if I should use this feature, or will it be completely removed in future releases? I works really great for current version 4.1.5, and I use it for all sorts of stuff. Showing banners, price with GST for Australian customers and other stuff.