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redirect adds a duplicate folder

22 August 2012 - 05:03 PM

I am having an issue with how cs cart directs or redirects the url. I have my cart completely set up the way I want it and have added over 500 products. The last step was getting the ssl cert in place then adding my credit card info. Everything was working fine. I added the ssl and that's when things got weird.

For some reason, if you type in the url http://www.carlasangels.com/angels when it pulled up, there was an extra angels folder in the url. so it looked like this http://www.carlasang.../angels/angels/ and of course since I don't have another /angels folder within the /angels folder, you got a 401. Now you could go and manually delete the extra /angels/ then hit return and you could get there.

Even in a link, it added the extra /angels/ However, all of the product pages connected properly without the extra /angels/, just my content pages redirected.

My host is bluehost and since I had everything working perfectly until the ssl was added, I was determined that it had to be something on their end. They worked on it two days and was able to do some redirecting of their own to get it to work, but I still can't get to my admin panel without having to manually remove one of the /angels/

Does anyone know where this redirect may be coming from?

It's got a whole lot of people baffled.

If you try to go to the links I have posted here, you will need to watch the url as there is now a redirect back to the right path.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.

Carla Schwille

Question about Blocks

18 July 2012 - 03:49 AM

I'm trying to design my layout for my site. On the homepage, I am trying to do a layout with banners. On the left, I have set up a grid at 5 then I have added a block in that grid and the block contains a banner that I have created. Then, I set up a grid at 11, added a block in that grid and that block contains a banner as well. My problem is that for some reason, there is a tiny strip of white on the top of the left picture (banner) and there is white space between the two banners. I want them with no white space, but don't see an option to make the fit together.
here's the link, just in testing mode right now, but it will give you an idea of what I am saying . . .
In the second test, I tried doing a picture on the left via <HTML>block and a banner on the right. It will put them together (I need to adjust the width size to make it perfect) but there is still just a small amount of offset from the banner.
I had to play with the image sizes to get them right. Is there a guide somewhere to show you what width to make your pics to fit in a size 2 grid, size 5 grid, etc?
Also, you can see on the link above, down at the bottom, I was able to do 8 blocks in one grid using the <HTML> block and there is no white space for those, they are pushed together like I want. (I have to resize those pictures, but it's good enough to see the effect I want. I really wanted to be able to use the banner effect on one of the blocks.
Any ideas?