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In Topic: Questions about CS-CART and management software commercial (ERP/CRM)

12 May 2012 - 02:35 AM

Interesting topic. I've recently been working with elaborate webform integration from our clients WordPress CMS sites to the low cost Zoho CRM to expertly track and manage incoming sales leads. It was remarkably successful, easy and relatively inexpensive. (under $2,000)

However I also have other clients running CS Cart Pro sites we've built. I and a specialist Zoho developer are investigating how we could similarly link CS Cart Pro to Zoho CRM in a similar way, extracting and utilizing key data from a sales and customer management perspective. There are several quick and dirty ways to do this sort of thing almost immediately using existing Zoho toolsets. But coming up with something more robust through the Zoho/CS Cart API and offered as an addon would be ideal for the CS Cart community.

Will keep you informed of developments and perhaps ask for feedback as the project proceeds.