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Product code question for excel?

30 May 2012 - 04:52 PM

So, i need to change all the product codes to upc's. Is there a way to do that thru bulk upload (csv) with excel. I need something like this

Product code 125

UPC 111222333444

Changed to

Product code 111222333444

Need to be able to this within a datafeed upload to the site the ability to tell it to replace that product code with a new one. Most of my products dont have pics and have to be manually put in which took 2 weeks. If I have to delete the database and upload a new one with the upc for the code then I will lose 9000 pictures. Is there a way to do this??


Probably a 2 second answer Please

23 May 2012 - 11:22 AM

I am using a csv file for this...

when I take the csv file supplied to me from my source it catagories already, I want to be able to dump there products in ints own catagory BUT keep there catagory for subs. How do I do that?

In the excel header of course there is a catagory, for this I use (example) warehouse two. Now inside that warehouse/catagory I want to update the products with new inventory counts and of course new in stock products, To do this I need to call there catagory something.. I thought I could just make one catagory in the header and make there catagory Secondary catagory but that didnt work..

Can someone tell me how to dump there row of catagories where I need them to go?

I want it to go to like warehouse one then to Lava lamps catagory which would then really be a sub. Each wholeseller I use is assigned there own warehouse (catagory) and in there would be all there catagories.

Hope I explained this good.

Can someone PLEASE help with a block question

19 May 2012 - 06:24 PM

ok so there is 9000 products on the site. When you go to www.stevenssupplycenter.com you will see warehouses on the left, if you go to one you will see categories in them (sub categories) if you click those it goes to the page but there is NO product. Now if you go to http://stevenssupply...rest-green.html you can SEE and ORDER the product BUT if you go to the warehouse one and new products there is NO product.

What is turned off that needs to be turned on for the product to appear OR can you please tell me whats wrong?

Thanks so much in advance

http://stevenssupplycenter.com Stevens Supply Center

09 May 2012 - 05:45 PM

Discounted merchandise.

Can someone please help

09 May 2012 - 05:40 PM

i am trying to put a chat code on the site. Can some one tell me how to do it since this is my prob.

When I try to go to the homepage (in the backend) and in one of the blocks (top where you say welcome) i try to go to html and drop the code in BUT when I hit update it goes to a 404 page ant be displayed crap. I have access to ftp as well as file manager and the admin panel so if someone can tell me how to drop the code on the site that will be great. In general because of this 404 page crap, i cant do the find or livechat which I was trying to use zopim and the find and both give me the same error page.

I hope you follwed that.